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wings on a wsm

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by power, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. getting ready for Christmas, doing a 9kg boneless pork leg (weber kettle) 3kg lamb leg & a 2kg lamb forequarter (weber kettle)!

    Now, if I remove the waterpan on the wsm, and fill the charcoal ring up high, could or can I cook chicken wings on both racks? and how long will they take? (will cut wings into two & marinate & throw the tips away) looking at at least 5kg of wings!

    cheers guys
  2. The OLD WSM manuals show direct grilling by removing the water pan and moving the charcoal grate up the lower cooking grate level, starting your fire there, and cooking on the top cooking grate.  However, unless the distance for the fire is an issue, I don't see why you couldn't simply remove the water pan and cook on both cooking grates.  I've seen guy do it with a rotisserie.

    Here's a page out of the 1981 WSM manual:

    BTW - you can Steam on it as well:

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  3. thanks Bama! never thought of moving the fire ring up a level! but will try both ways b4 xmas

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