Will the Master Built 14" table top BBQ work for a Mini-WSM

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Oct 4, 2012
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The answer is NO!

Another member asked me if this BBQ would work. Since I had to go to Home Depot I said I would measure it and let him know. Most tamale pots are right at 13 3/4" at the bottom. The Smokey Joes are 14" at the rim of the base. 1" down from the rim there is a lip the protrudes into the interior. This lip is where the tamale pot sits unless you attach the pots lid to the bottom of the pot. Then the pot sits on the rim of the BBQ base.

The Master Built BBQ measures 13 5/8" at the rim. Therefore it is too small for the pot to fit into. These popped up everywhere  for sale prices right around $15.00. After some research it appears that They have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Exactly Case.  I looked at these only because one was sitting next to the weber at the store display.  Wasn't impressed with the flimsy legs  and the diameter looked like it wasn't the correct size.  Thanks for checking it out. B
Bolting the Tamale pot lid to the bottom of the pot, will allow the pot to fit on smaller kettles.  I did this on my Cuisinart build.  The next challenge is whether the kettle lid will fit over the top of the tamale pot without reducing the pot's top lip diameter.  I had to cut off some of the lip, all the way around to allow the Cuisinart kettle lid to fit properly on the top of the pot. 
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