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  1. is there anybody tried wild bore in a stick burner???
  2. Yep, nasty stuff
  3. what happen????
  4. Wild pigs are some nasty stuff down here, stank up the cooker so bad it was the only time I've ever used easy off, had to get it back down to bare metal and season the smoker all over again.
  5. bob1961

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    doesn't FLA have javelina not true wild bore ??....
  6. welshrarebit

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    I don't care how big of a bore someone is you shouldn't put them in a stick burner! Oh, you mean boar? I have friends that do it. The meat tastes good but stinks big time!
  7. I don't quite understand what you mean.       thank you
  8. Welshrarebit was making a play on the two spellings - bore as in a boring person & boar as in the wild pig. I've never had the chance to work with any meat from a wild boar but I have heard the same thing in that it stinks something fierce when cooking it. If you do try some let us know how it went for you  [​IMG]  
  9. for shure.
  10. lendecatural

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    I wonder if a brine soaking would help with the wild boar smell? 
  11. Nope, we have real boar, I think North Fl. and Georgia have a bunch of those Russian ones running around.

    About the only way to make them edible is to trap young ones and feed them for a month or so. Even the sausage turns out crappy.

    Most just shoot them and let them rot!

    Really not worth all the trouble when you got grocery stores, and if I'm going to spend half a day or night cooking, I'm not going to waste that time on b.s.
  12. brooksy

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    I'm from Central Florida area and know a bunch of people that have dealt with wild hogs. None have mentioned a bad smell when cooking them. Maybe hogs from different areas have a stench.
  13. bob1961

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    thx rib, yeah I have had wild boar and tasted great and no smell/stink when it cooked....if I had a steady supply of wild boar I wouldn't buy pork from the store ever again :yahoo: ....
  14. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    I do think that the area and diet of wild boars make a big difference in smell and taste. I was talking to a friend of mine that does a lot of hunting and he told me that pigs from the north and east side of this island are good but from the west and south they aren't.

    I know some guys here locally that will set traps for them and everyday put avocados, mangoes, Mac nuts, dog food, etc. for a few weeks and set the trap so the pigs are use to the trap and the meat won't be as gamy as if just caught wild.
  15. Yep!   If you got them feeding on farmers crops, they are going to be much better.  Not much more than a "free range pig" still eating domestic food.

    You get one that is not living off of farmers crops, a true "wild" one, thats diet consist of stink bugs and palmetto roots , your not going to want to eat it.  But to each their own, Im picky about what I eat, and even more about what I serve to my friends,  I guess in some countries dogs and cats are considered a fine meal.
  16. moikel

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    Just my 2 cents from way down here.
    If you get them young ,worm dose,pen ,feed then you get good meat.Little different but you can work with it.
    Straight out of the bush ,not in my kitchen!!!
    Here they eat road kill.kangaroo,wombat whatever else.
    Strangely enough you can get $1+ Per kg at the mobile chiller ,short gutted,liver lungs,heart,kidneys in, they ship them to Europe.
    We have millions of them,literally millions.
    If you get them from grain farms or sugar cane country they aren't as smelly but I am not convinced.

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