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Wife of a smoker. What do I buy


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Hello from Oregon y'all.

I want to buy my husband a digital thermometer wireless for when he is smoking/bbq.
I have read Maverick and ThermoSmoke?
What do i buy. Help....Price really isnt a deal breaker, i just want the best.

Thanks in advance


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To throw one more into the fire, I use the iGrill2 with four probes and it has been a great therm. I'd also recommend an instant read therm. I use mine more than the iGrill for everyday cooking. The Lavatool javalien is a great choice and can be purchased off Amazon for $25-$26.
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The Thermoworks Smoke is on my wish list!  I already have a Maverick, but I LOVE Thermoworks stuff!  I often give the thermo pops as gifts.



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I have a maverick and like it. That said the igrill looks interesting and maybe a future purchase for me. Any chance you could buy both and just keep the one he wants?


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The Thermoworks Smoke is a very good unit, as is their Thermapen or ThermoPop.

The iGrill2 with 4 probes is also a good choice.

If your looking to save a little money the Maverick's are also pretty good.



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Since you said price isn't an issue and you just want the best, I'd go with the Thermoworks Smoke. As was stated, an instant read would also be a wonderful companion gift. There are times you need to check more than one piece of meat, and a leave in probe is a clumsy way to do that. If you go with the Smoke and a Thermopop you're looking at around $125. The Smoke and the Thermapen Mk4 will run you around $200. If somebody gave me the Smoke/Thermapen combo, I know I'd be a REALLY happy boy.
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