Why is there no way to embed a video using the mobile version??

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Oct 4, 2012
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If we're not supposed to post links, but we can embed YouTube videos why is there no way to embed a video using the mobile version?

I do 98% of my SMF stuff on my phone using mobile. Using the desktop on the phone is a pain.
Unfortunately that is often par for the course with most new mobile app versions of existing established software. Sometimes it is due to a limitation imposed by the phone but usually it is simply down to economics. It is actually quite expensive to develop, release and maintain a mobile app with phone operating systems updating so quickly too and the Android, IOS and Windows phone operating systems all being so different.

We have several applications a work where the developers initially made half hearted attempts at releasing mobile versions only to stop when they realise that there is little or no revenue coming back from their investment. 

It is unfortunately out of the hands of Jeff and the admins too I think as the forum software is developed and maintained by a third party. We can all live in hope though.
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I tried attaching a video via tapatalk but it only provided a link.

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