Why can't I post pictures??

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Jul 3, 2005
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Okay guys & gals,

My idiot quotient must be awful high today. I can tell you that my frustration level has long ago redlined :evil:

I took some awsome pics of the ribs I smoked yesterday and actually remembered to bring the camera to work with me so I could share them with the group.

I've read through the other threads about posting pics and registered with imageshack.us and I can't get a damn pic to post to save my sorry life! What am I doing wrong?

Brian, first of all, take a deep breath, drink a cold beer and tell me what steps you are taking when trying to download a photo. Are you receiving any prompts after you try?

If you've read past posts on it, I can't imagine what you're doing wrong...but obviously something. Jeff has been experiencing a few "bugs" with the system as of late, but I'll check in the test area to see if it works for me, OK?


Well Brother Brian, the pix came out fine..........so when you get this post, let's figure out where you went wrong.............then drink another Beer! LOL!
Ok, here goes...

Step one: Upload pics to imageshack...works fine.

Step two: highlight and copy link

Step three: Open new thread, click "add attachment" button and paste link into filoename box.

Step four: Click submit...nothing happens...

Step five: Click submit again and dialogue box opens "your post has already been submitted"

Step six: #@%&*!
Hi Bill,

Just for kicks, at the point of step three, instead of pasting the link into the filename box, I tried pasting it into the main message body and that's what worked. You need not click the add attachment button at all. Give it a try... :?

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