Whole Top Round 7.5 kilo's

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Oct 25, 2007
I plan on smoking this over either mesquite or hickory and apple.  For a roast this big, I think I can get it on the grill with out cutting it, What would you smoke it at and to what temp for say a medium well?  This is my first big piece of beef.  I have to provide 5 kilo's of ham and 5 kilo's of beef.  The ham is done all I have to do is slice it.  I think I'll do the roast on the day of the party.

Any suggestions?


Ok there Chalee I would run your smoker at maybe 235°ish maybe a touch higher. Then I would take the beef to maybe 140° for med rare and then wrap it with a towel and into the cooler for atleast an hour and then you should be golden. I would agree with smoking the beef the day of. So please don't forget the Q-view.
Well dressed it up and put it on at 8:00am.  Here are a couple of pic's so far.

The water pan with veggies.


Checking to see if it will fit or if I need to cut.



On the grill .



Will post more as the day goes on I got the smoker at 225ish and using apple and hickory to smoke.

EDIT:  Sorry about the post, had to reread how to tutorial, seems the way to post changed a little.

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Well it turned out ok or real good as some people said.  I cooked it to 145 because most asian people like their beef done.





Thanks for looking.

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