Whole Shoulders With Skin On

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Original poster
Aug 24, 2013
Newnan, Ga
I have received two whole shoulders with the skin on. I normally only do brisket or butts. Any suggestions? I have a UDS. Thanks
Cook just like a butt. Remove the skin prior to smoking. Save the skin to deep fry if you like to eat it or dry to make dog treats.

You could also cure them to make ham.
I cut skin off one and left on the other since I didn't know. Figured I had a 50/50 shot at being right. IOnly reason I left skin on is because I know they do that when the cook a whole pig on a pit. Internal temp is still only 90 degrees, should I pull it and cut it off or just let it ride?
Let it ride. It's not going to hurt anything other than the meat won't absorb quite as much smoke, though it will absorb a good bit. It's a good way to see which way you like better.
I usually leave the skin on but crosshatch it with a sharp knife.  That helps the rub and smoke to get to the meat. ...and looks really cool when its ready and you take it out of the smoker to proudly show everyone what you've  done. 
The skin got crunchy and drew up to where I was able to peel it off in almost one sheet. The dogs are going to love it. I did sample a piece of meat and it is tasting awesome.
If you take the skin off, try to boil the heck out of it for a few hours, slice it up into bite size chunks, let it dry or throw it in the dehydrator until hard. Then throw the chunks in the deep fryer until they turn into pork rinds. 
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