Whole hogging it for Christmas.

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Meat Mopper
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Mar 30, 2013
Palmer AK
Brother in law came to me yesterday and said he had a small pig he needed to get rid of and wanted to eat it for Christmas. I like a challenge. Built me a makeshift cinderblock pit with a chunk of plywood on top. I hope this works. I have never cooked on a cinderblock pit. I have also never done whole hog. Quite a challenge. The wind is blowing around 30 gusting to 50. I hope I have enough wood. Does anybody have an estimate of how long it will take. The pig is 44 pounds. I'm guessing on 8-10 hours. Not sure with the wind. This is going to be a long night. I will try to get some pics but it is dark out and freezing cold. Will keep you posted.
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I probably could have put him on the drum. I should have built the pit smaller. Hind sight is always 20/20. Got the pig on just after 3 this morning. Glad I had a bag of kbb on hand to get my coal bed going. Hope I can keep up with it. That wind is sucking the heat out of it.
AKD, Looks like you were quite successful ! Nice job !!!!!!
Gonna change up the smoker a bit. I ended up just burning logs to get coals and kept it warm. Horribly inefficient. Burned through 1/2 cord of alder in 12 hours. All in all good smoke.
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