White streaks in grates??

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Thomas The Tank

Meat Mopper
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Mar 24, 2018
Valparaiso, IN
Maybe an odd question, but I haven’t used my BFG in about 6weeks… I was getting it ready for a bigger cook I’m doing next weekend for the big game. I have seen these white spots/streaks in my grates before and but not to this extent, just thought it was from hot spots.

Anyone know for certain what they are caused by? My thoughts are from hot spots or mold since it was a bit warmer earlier this week. Don’t think it’s “frozen” grease spots because I’ve seen them in the warmer weather.
Hot spots burnt the grease up, no problem brush heat/brush , will flake off easy
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Always brush racks after use I see a lot of food particles on yours that will help mold growth.

Thanks for the tip. I do brush them off with the brush I got from rec req. I guess I just need to do a better job. Any tips on keeping these cleaner, the rails in the racks are pretty big and not a lot of room to get between them.
Thanks for the like Thomas The Tank I appreciate it.
There are many different brushes out there you should be able to find. Brush as soon as you finish using he grill will make it easier to do.

I guess it depends. I use trays with screens in my RT590 so my grills stay clean. I then drop the trays in my detergent tank. I use restaurant pumic stone on my weber grill grates after a brushing. I'm a bit AR.
Everyone has to deal with this issue in some way. I have a gas grill and my technique is to turn the temp as high as possible after the meat is cooked to burn off grease and food, then brush the grate to remove whats remaining.

I had a charcoal grill some time ago and I would just open the vents to get it as hot as possible. Not sure how this works on a wood fired device.
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