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Where is the best place to buy a GOSM 3605BGD?


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I have tentatively decided on the GOSM 3605BGD because of its cooking area and reviews/recommnedations that I have read on this site as well as others. Most of my smoking consists of 25lb batches of Venison Jerky and Snack Sticks, with the occasional ribs/chicken. So the large cooking area is very important.

My problem is that I have seen others buying these units for roughly $200, but I cannot find any place that even sells them anymore other than at the Landmann USA site and they want $300.

I found where Amazon and Bass Pro used to carry them, but currently cannot find them on their online sites.

So, if anyone has recently bought one or knows of a good spot to purchase one of these units, I would love to hear about it.




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I would just Google GOSM 3605BGD, and see what comes up.


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I have already tried Google and the even better Bing, and most of the posts point me back to this site or other similar forums.

The only place that I have seen that actually sells the smoker anymore is the Landmann USA site. If that is the only place, I guess I will eventually have to accept that.

Just thought it would be worth asking if anyone has found them anywhere else.




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Well I was going to help you until you said Bing was better than Google. Bing just copies Google's search results. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/02/01/microsofts-bing-caught-copying-google-search-results/

Anyway I'm just teasing you. I bought my GOSM BB just a few days ago for $208.80 out the door at a place called Walls Bargain Center. They are one of those stores that buys closeouts from retail chains and they had a ton of BP stuff lately. Maybe they have one near you? http://www.wallsbargaincenter.com/


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I don't think you'll find a price as good as Matt's but the price on Landmann USA's site is the lowest they have ever had it.

GOSM BB info

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I searched the net HIGH & LOW when I was looking a month ago. I finally found the link to Landmann's and bought it there. $299.00 including shipping. not a bad price and nice people. So go there. I love the smoker also.

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