Where do you put your smoker probe in MES 30?

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Where do you put your smoker probe in MES 30?

  • Left side

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  • Right side

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  • Center behind meat

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  • Center in front of meat

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  • Rack above meat

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  • Rack below meat

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  • Somewhere else

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Aug 24, 2012
Salinas, CA
Hey All,

Used my MES 30 a couple of times now, found out on my first smoke the internal probe is way off, so I'll be relying on my Maverick ET-73 for all smokes (should anyway).

The other day I wanted to see how much the temperature varied from side to side on the same grate, and I found differences up to 30 degrees, the hotter side being on the right side (heat shooting straight up from the heating element out the vent, sorta makes sense).

With all that being said, where does everybody put their smoker probe on their MES 30?  Left side?  Right side?  On a rack above the meat?  On a rack below the meat?  Somewhere else?

Love to hear some feedback on this, and if anybody else has done any similar temperature tests within the smoker and what results they have seen.
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  I have an MES40 and I use a plate to force some of the heat up the left side (opposite the heating element) to even out the temperatures better. Then I place my probe as close to the meat as I can. That's the temperature you need to know.

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