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Where can I get the best price on LumberJack Pellets?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by Herbert Miller, May 11, 2019.

  1. dubob

    dubob Smoke Blower

    Anybody living west of the 'River' is SOL. All the RK stores are on the east side of the 'River'. :emoji_disappointed: I can live with my local dealership out the door price of $10/20 lbs 24/7 including tax. All y'all east of the 'River' should definitely jump on that price. :emoji_sunglasses:
  2. What phone number did you call? Was it a national number or local number?
  3. Ha! Just tried to order from Rural King online to see what it would cost me as I am in Boston and they don't exist here. $4.99 per bag so put 10 in my cart. Shipping was only $280. LOL. Needless to say, I decided not to buy. Assuming I like the hickory ones I bought from Dicks, I will likely do a group buy as that will be the best pricing I can get on them here.
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  4. tshobbes

    tshobbes Newbie

    I haven't used the Lumberjack pellets yet. But I ordered some from the Field and Stream store to try. They also have a sale right now. Order 1 bag and the second is half off. Not as good as the Rural King price. But with the half off the second bag it beats the Dicks price.

    Wish I already knew if I liked them as there is a Rural King about an hour away and that sales price makes it worth the drive.
  5. tshobbes

    tshobbes Newbie

    I did the same thing last night just to see. For 2 bags it was $28 shipping. I'd spend less in gas driving to the one that is an hour from me.
  6. scarfa211

    scarfa211 Newbie

    Online chat. figured id try that before going into the store.
  7. SmokinVOLfan

    SmokinVOLfan Master of the Pit

    Thanks for the heads up on the rural king $4.99 deal. I might just have to make a stop on my way home from work
  8. scarfa211

    scarfa211 Newbie

    Same here to NY, after discount, dicks was a bit cheaper.
  9. oonighttrain

    oonighttrain Smoke Blower

    I just went to my local dicks sporting goods.. they matched rural kings price. got 10 bags for $4.99 each! woo hoo!!
  10. scarfa211

    scarfa211 Newbie

    lol figures. Im going after work to bitch my online guy was an idiot.
  11. oonighttrain

    oonighttrain Smoke Blower

    i dealt with the manager of that department, he was hesitant but he ended up doing it.. i showed him the ad from rural kings.
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  12. tallbm

    tallbm Master of the Pit OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    The cost is a little pricey but if anyone ever wants to do a mix and match combo of Lumberjack pellets in 1, 3, or 4 pound bags you can go here: Mix n Match LJ Samples

    I did the 7 pack sample bundle of the 1 bound bags to figure out what I liked and didn't like. I was also able to mix and match options to figure out custom blends I liked and didn't liked. This was nice to know that way I knew what to pick up and what to avoid when I bought big bags.

    It is also nice if you want to try a wood you don't get easily in your area like Mesquite for beef!

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  13. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Meat Mopper


    One could get 7 full bags, and in variety, for roughly the same money on the Rural Kings deal.

    One could also mix the pellets that they didn’t like, in small quantities with those that they did, and likely would taste no difference.
  14. tallbm

    tallbm Master of the Pit OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    You are correct.
    To get that deal one would also have to move to the eastern part of the US and close to a Rural King if they didn't already live near one hahahaha :emoji_wink::emoji_blush:
    I get where you are going with the reply though :emoji_blush:

    I should have mentioned in my post that for anyone not near a place that sells Lumberjack Pellets, they could try the variety pack option. Before Dick's starting selling Lumberjack pellets I had to go this route to figure out what I might order in a group buy.
    Then I lucked out and found a guy who orders a variety in a couple of pallets at a time and sells them on craigslist about a 20 minute drive away.
    I'm glad I did the variety pack option though, because I then knew what to buy from him since I didn't want to be married to 40 pounds of a wood I didn't care for. I had already felt the pain of a few online orders of some pellet blends that were not very good and didn't want to repeat that mistake anymore, so I opted for the sampling lol.

    For all you Rural King guys, jump on that deal! SlowmotionQue is right that it is a better option than ordering pellets or basically any sale I've ever seen on Lumberjack pellets! :)
  15. Sadly it looks like Dick’s no longer offers the Lumber Jack brand at least on their website... they were probably loosing too much $$$ from all the Rural King price match requests!
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  16. tshobbes

    tshobbes Newbie

    That is a very recent change. They were still on the website earlier this week.
  17. HiBRiD109

    HiBRiD109 Newbie

    Blain' Farm and Fleet in the midwest carries Lumber Jack for $9.99/20lb bag. My store carries Comp Blend, Hickory, Char-Hickory, Cherry, Pecan, and Apple.
  18. WebbQ

    WebbQ Newbie

    Check Rural King about 5.00 a bag
  19. bregent

    bregent Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    There are no Rural King's in AZ. It's always a good idea to read through a thread before replying.
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  20. fivetricks

    fivetricks Smoking Fanatic

    If it's only an hour drive then it's worth the trip. Pick up a couple bags, take the missus and stroll the isles. They've got enough other stuff that it won't feel like a wasted trip. They carry a whole line of smoker, grills, and sausage making stuff under their store brand (of which I've forgotten the name) that looks good enough to buy, yet I never seem to hear being mentioned by anyone who owns them.