When people ask which is your favorite kid...(partial stable shot)

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Dec 17, 2019
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I don't have children, so if someone asks which is my favorite kid I show them this and say the one on the right
(not pictured Dynaglo vertical stick burner and two Masterbuilt electrics because they don't have wheels and I'm lazy.)
I have 4 kids never been shy about letting them all know my oldest daughter is my favorite lol
That's funny and so true because we have 2, a daughter and a son, and our oldest is our daughter. Everyone who knows her will tell you she's daddy's girl and they'd be right...
Kids are like smokers. None of them are perfect. Some are more useful than others, depending on the situation. And some are really only worth their weight in scrap.

So I tell people it varies.

But none of you will tell my wife, so it's the middle daughter. There. I said it.
Two boys, and they are night and day. Youngest is more like me, works with his hands and is mechanical in thought. The first born is non mechanical, non commonsensical, but the nicest person I ever met, and would help anywhere any time, just wouldn’t know what to do. I like them both pretty equally, but for completely different reasons. To me, them together make a whole, but they don’t see it that way. Lol
Two kids, daughter 29, son 22. They are equal favorites. And they are best friends. Daughter and her husband work alone of overtime and paid off their own student loans, and quickly paying down their mortgage. Son at age 21 went and got a job off the farm in April of 20, when most were staying home or on unemployment. Make us as parents proud!

Three great kids. We rotate the “Favored Kid“ status to keep them on their toes. Kidding aside, they are all great. Well, except for that one that moved to the Netherlands. We don’t talk about her ;).
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