When moving around meat or pulling etc, what kind of gloves do you guys use?

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Jan 20, 2011
New Jersey
Do you use different gloves for pulling etc and to move meat around inside the smoker? I also have run into some problems with the pan that holds the wood in the CCSV, That thing is SCREAMING HOT!! What gloves are good for handling that thing? Thanks in advance guys!
I have a pair of welding gloves that i use for smoking,dumping lit charcoal,adding wood,ect.

 When i move or flip the meat i use a pig tail flipper

To pull pork i use bear claws
Welding gloves and tongs to move things around the smoker.  Nitrile gloves to pull after a long rest wrapped in towels in the cooler (can still be quite hot on the fingers, though!).
Welding gloves work well for the wood and coals I use the isolated nitriles gloves get dark colored I have white and the rubs and sauces stain.
I use dish towels and them hide them from the wife since it usually ruins them LOL
Thats not fare, thats what I was going to say. It seems that I can never find an old towel when I need one. But I know where the good ones are!!!

If the wife is right there then I just wear my prep gloves and tell anyone close to get the he!! out of the way cause I am not going slow from the smoker to the prep table. Brisket is the worse for me just due to the weight and how hard you have to hold on. Once my stuff is wrapped then I use the welding gloves. 
I use welding gloves for messing with the chip pan and stuff and I use these for handling meat

Hey Jer, how ya doin????  You turned me on to these neoprene gloves about 1 1/2 years ago and I've been using them ever since, they're great!!!
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I use welding gloves for anything fire related, and I also have a pair of neoprene mittens for handling hot food. For pulling I use vinyl gloves.
Thanks for the feedback guys! Lowes has Master Forge Grilling Gloves.....are these good enough to play around with the wood pan? I looked in Lowes and Home Depot for welding gloves and neither had them!
I use welding gloves to move around any metal parts in my smoker but when I am moving the meat around or pulling it off my smoker I usually just use my bare hands and burn the crap out of them. I'm not joking either. haha If I'm smart and thinking I will put on my heat resistant gloves that came with my Ronco which work awesome and save my hands but I'm usually not thinking and don't have them by the smoker so I just grab the meat with my hands and make it quick. Live and learn. I guess I still haven't learned.
I use my smoked up fireplace gloves to handle anything hot other than the food, and Mrs Bear.

Then I use tongs for the pieces of meat.

And a pair of black elbow length poly-vinyl gloves to mix ice cold ground beef, to keep from getting that terrible arthritis-like pain in my fingers!

And my Bare Bear hands to handle Mrs Bear. 

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