What's on sale this week

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Yep Joe, thats what I said "frozen lobster tail". I tend to think that was what Tommy paid $48. per pound for last night.
adjusting glasses .. yup.. it's what you said .. Ya know.. my wife say's I don't listen either . lol

I just checked our flyers and the cheapest I saw fatty's were Bob Evans, 2 for $6...None of the prices seemed too good this week, must be the "labor day sale", they know people will be grilling...

London broil $3.99, can you imagine?
Spare ribs, $1.99, not too bad
whole chicks, $1.29
whole pork loin, $2.49
t-bone's $5.99
My wife just call and asked if she should pick up some ribs .... $1.79 a pound for spares. Who am I to tell her no. :D
family pack frozen split chicken breasts$...99 lb
pride of farm fresh whole pork butt or sliced into steaks $..99 lb--limit 3
family pack ground beef 73% $.99 lb
choice boneless round steak $1.99 lb
choice boneless chuck roast $1.99 lb

i will buy 3--
they usually average 5 1/2 lb
i will get 1 whole
to go in freezer with another 1 there already
i will get 2 sliced
i take 2 pork steaks off of each butt.
the rest of the 2 butts i will grind for sausage.
after being sliced into steaks = very easy to bone and cube
getting meat ready for my manual grinder.
---its pobazza time----
Fresh Boneless Pork Loin @ $1.98 lb.

Pork Spare Ribs in COV 2-Pack @ $1.48 lb.

Whole Boneless Beef KC Strip Loins $3.98 lb. Sliced Free
Rib tips? Is that the brisket end cut off a slab of of spares? We never see "rib tips' around here.
yo dickey,
i hope this helps.
Spare Ribs

Spare ribs are the intact rib section removed from the belly
and may include costal cartilage,
with or without the brisket bone removed and diaphragm trimmed.
They will contain at least 11 bones.

St. Louis Style Ribs

St. Louis Style ribs are cut from the spare rib
and are prepared by removing the brisket bone parallel
to the rib side, exposing cartilage on the brisket bone side.
Skirt meat can be removes. If left on,
the outside edge of the skirt should be trimmed.

Pork Brisket Bone (Rib Tip - Breaks - Tips)

are the small meaty pieces that are removed from the spare rib
during the process of making a St. Louis rib.
Cut from butcher hogs, they are very meaty.


from the loin or spare ribs, generated by straightening the loin
or cutting down a loin or spare rib. Will vary in size and weight.

Flatbone - Button Bone Riblets

The last four to six bones of the back bone,
not having ribs connecting them. A cover of meat will connect each.
That's what I suspected.

You don't hardly see dissected spares around here. We take part of the brisket off if we're forced ( due to lack of availability) to cook big slabs, but only as much as is necessary.

We kinda think that the brisket bites are the best bites on the rib ( if they're still attached when cooked) and so we leave them on. It's kind of an Oklatex thing to not use St. Louis ribs. (I'm sure you can imagine)

Usually , w' 3 1/2 & down slabs, the cartlidge is soft and edible and doesn't get in the way.

Thanx for the info. The flat bone ribs they mention are something I've never heard of. Do you have any experience w/ them?
yo dickey,
yes i have --
in memphis there was a market that had them in 10 lb box-frozen
i did grill some --
i ended up using them like neck bones--mainly for seasoning--
in stead of ham hocks----they worked good---
they were about half the price of the ham hocks.
at my honey Margarets apartmentt - St.Clair, Franklin County, Mo.
60 miles s.w. from downtown st louis-west on Interstate 44-
frozen grade a hen turkeys,,,$.68 a lb
choice black angus chuck roasts $1.99 lb
select top sirloin $3.99 lb
kretchsmar smoked sausage 2 for $4 -- in 1 lb packs
family pack frozen split chicken breasts$...99 lb
pride of farm whole pork butt or sliced into steaks $..99 lb
in my area ---
i got frozen bone in chicken breasts in family pack--$.99 a lb
i got 1 pack for freezer

pork butts fresh sliced for free $1.19 a lb
i got 2----i for wyoming bacon---i for pulled pork...

black angus choice beef chuck roasts...
i got 2 as cold as it been 1 may be crockpot roast..

any how tommorow--
its to be 40 degrees and clear..

i will smoke a 1 lb package of the deer and fatty 66/33sausage.
1 chuck --about 3.5 lb
5 lb butt for pulling---

after smoking gets underway--
i will rub the buckboerd bacon cute on a 7 lb butt...

sounds good to me
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