What's on sale this week

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If it makes you feel any better Tommy, when I got there the butts and country style ribs looked like crap. :cry: No wonder they were selling for .99 per # :evil:

I wound up buying 3 racks of baby backs for $3.99 per pound. Just finished feeding everyone and shipping them home with leftovers.
:D :D :D :D I think I'm gettin' my appetite back! No smokin' tonight though. Tonight it's fillet mignon on the webber, and broiled lobster with clarified butter 8) oh... and a big squeeze of lemon.
Sorry Cajun :oops: Wipe off your monitor and keyboard before you electricute yer self :lol:
Monty, Monty, Monty :roll: I was just starting to feel good again and now you want to compare lobster prices from wisconsin to the east coast :?
I just payed $48 fer a 1# tail.
When I lived in Saratoga Springs N.Y. many years ago....there was a restuarant down the street from the race track that had whole lobster for $3.99 and served it on paper plates with plastic forks :lol:
$48 for a 1# tail? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Certainly counting my blessings now! I had no idea how expensive fresh lobster is out your way! And trust me to say I did not intend to rub it in your face! I am truly shocked! :shock:

Whew! Well enjoy. What can I say? If you ever get out this way I will stuff you with lobster to the point that you won't want it again....for at least two weeks!

You've got a deal :D I failed to mention, the tails are austrailian. So ya got figure in the truckin' :lol: :lol: :lol:
Geez, Tommy! I drive some pretty impressive trucks and there are none that I know of can handle a load from Australia! Don't know of any that float! But the offer stands!
yo tommy and monty dudes,
if trucking and shipping has so much to do with it,
then cheese must be 99 cents a lb in tommys world...

i think most hogs are butchered in iowa ----
thats only a couple to 3 hundred miles from him....
about the same as me.

i know about supply and demand---they must use all of
it for johnsonville sausage in sheyboygan.

to be fresh lobster tails from australia---
they must have jetted them in---
and expressed them thru homeland security..

i guess im lucky.
Yo, Larry!

Dunno what to say or how to 'splain it!

Gotta be a plot in the somewhere!

But, all kidding aside, I think that the market will charge what the traffic will bear! And speaking of traffic...what would happen if nobody filled up for two days?

Good to hear from you, Brother!
Keep on keepin' on!
I also was looking for a chunk of salmon to smoke…look what I found!

Copper River Sockeye-blood red and awesome! And on sale! This salmon is only available 2-3 weeks a year in very limited quantities! Harvest is very closely monitored. The natives get so much and consumers are allowed a predetermined amount! Trouble is, now I donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t know if I want to smoke it and alter it to that degree…but I bet it would make some unbelievable smoked salmon. I know I hardly season it when I grill it! Hmmmmmmm…decisions, decisions
Hey Smoke,

That looks like a pretty good price on the brisket if it is a flat. Looks like a flat. Salmon looks good also 8)
Just got back from shopping, I got a whole packer brisket for 2.29 a lb. <about 10lbs> I also got a 6 lbs of pork belly at 2.50 a lb. and seen pork soulders at .99 per lb. ..

Tommy that is one expensive piece of tale I'll tell ya.

Rodger . how did you guess? Laughing. I'm going to break down and get a meat slicer .. I use to have one .. the ex got that too ..

Checked the price on frozen lobster tails at Sam's here in Louisiana this morning. $25.76 per # :shock: . Guess I'll be sticking with the mudbugs. 8)
Rodger, WOW that is expensive. I use to work on the lobster boats in maine <this is going back 20 years or so and lobster off the boat was 1.65 per lb . .... you must be talking frozen lobster tails.

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