What's on sale this week

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Master of the Pit
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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Thought we might like to know whats happening in other parts of the country meat price wise. Here's North Louisiana;

If this thread works correctly, everyone will post their trophy meat buys each week :D
yo monroe dude---
ive been thru there on I 20 i think.

im in st.clair mo. at my honeys house.
[most of time there]

its about 60 miles southwest of the arch in stlouis.

there is only 1 grocery store--
1 dollar general---
but 2 hardware stores---
i cant figure that out...

anyway meatwise the sales this week are
FROZEN family pac. split chicken breasts $1.09 lb.

choice N.Y. strips steak $6.99 lb.

fresh boston butts--whole or sliced free $1.29 lb.

johnsonville brats or itaiian $2.99-20oz pack.
Hey dude,

Yep, I-20 splits Monroe in half.

Is your place in the hills or the delta?
yo cajunsmoker,
its called the ridges around here .
a little south and a little west starts the ozark plateau.

about +100 miles south [in the bootheel of the state]
the delta begins------
i think only about 3 counties grow cotton.

folks are trying to make this a wine country area.
almost to fancy for me.
i do wish them success.
i like the 5 liters in a box and screw off lids kind.
8:32 PM 8/1/2006
family pack certified grond chuck $1.57 lb
usda choice boneless london broil $2.67 lb
pride of farm pork spare ribs $1.69 lb
pride of farm whole pork butt-sliced into steaks $..99 lb
perdue fresh ground turkey $1.oo lb
Just got in from the store with Brisket. It was a little bit more than I wanted to spend, but it sure is purdy looking, in the bag. can't wait to see her coming off the grates with the bark on.
5:00 PM 8/9/2006
family pack ground beef
73% $1.27
81% $1.59
90% $1.89 lb

usda select whole boneless strips $4.99 lb
usda select wholesirloin tip $1,99 lb
both cut & wrapped free.

frozen pork riblets 10 lb box $7.90
frozen 10 lb box pork rib tips $9.90

family pack frozen split chicken breasts $.89 a lb

5 lb frozen box catfish nuggets $6.90
its in st clair,
franklin county mo 60 miles from downtown stl
wed 8/23/06
at my honeys---st.clair ,mo.
franklin county mo 60 miles s.w. from downtown st louis
thats right down I-44
choice black angus chuck roasts $1.59 lb
select top sirloin $3.99 lb
eckrich smoked or kielbassa sausage 2 for $4
farmland sausage 2 for $3 --this is my fatty--
at least 2 times a month.
i like spicey blend**my honey luvs maple flavor--
can you guess how long its been since ive had a spicey??
split chicken breasts $1.39 lb
leg quarters $.59 lb
yo tommy c dude,
is that $2+ for butts from a super market or a custom butcher??

if its from U sack your stuff ---YIKES
i think ive read HERE at SMF that in northern Illinois---Michigan--
Minnesota and your Wisconsin that meat prices are WAY WAY high.

does sheyboygan buy all the butts for brats???
does chicago and detroit and milwaukee deli lunch meat kings
get all the briskets???

i would write my U.S. elected officials---
to investigate why my Yankee brothers pay so much??
but im afraid the guys in Washington would just raise prices here.

i dont go above I-70 in the months of october 1 thru march 30.
and from now on i will have country hams and corned beef
in the trunk the rest of the year.

once again YIKES...
I buy all of my meat from a butcher. I won't buy from a supermarket cause most of their meat is select and it's crap :roll: But now i'm thinkin'.......and I'm P.O.'d :evil: I think I need to look into this a little deeper. The meat I get is great, but I can't believe it's that much more per# than what yer payin' south of here.
More to come..........I'm off to work.
I just had my wife check the price of supermarket pork butt. $2.49#
:shock: I got mine from the butcher for $2.29# :?:
Bought a pork butt this morning at the local market for $1.99/lb. 5+ lbs for a bit over ten bucks. Gonna shine tomorrow!
Just to clarify....the local market, White's Market, is a family owned and operated business. They have three locations in the area and each location has its own Butcher staff, Deli staff and a very complete grocery offering and the folks there are all super! Every day they roll out a hot buffet as well as a cold deli offering and they make their own bakery products as well. Ya gotta love small town America! It still exists in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont!
Thanks Monty.......I feel a little better now. Still would rather pay the .99 cents a pound they have down south :roll:
But ya gotta figger in the truckin'!

Hey, Tommy, next year I am going into raising my own porkers for real and will track all costs. We'll see how it all works and I will keep the forum posted on the progress and the final cost.

EDIT: Just so you know I have raised and processed pigs in the past but never really tracked the cost! Just was interested in good pork without all the growth drugs!

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