Whats inside the Mavrick 732 probes. Easy to fix.

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Oct 27, 2012
Lansing Michigan
I had a bad smoker probe and maverick sent me a new one so I took it apart and fixed it.

Well maybe not real easy but if you have a grinder then grind off a crimp and peel back the housing.

Slide the probe out.  It came out to easy.

There was red silicone but not to much and it did not stick to anything.

There was also a heat shrink tube from the end of crimp to about half way.

And there is a plastic tube around one wire and crimp.

So the only thing inside the probe is the glass ball therm with two wires that are crimped to the cable.

The only way i see water causing a problem is if the very end where the glass therm is gets filled but that would be hard with the silicone inside.

The problem with my probe was that out of the 5-6 strands in the cable only one was crimped and that failed.  POOR QUALITY.

After soldering the crimp

Put some tape on it.

Taped it up and put back in probe body

And here are the finial results.

I will seal up with red stuff when i do the door on my brinkman.

As a update I have used this probe two times now without problems.

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Ok - Good way to generate probe sales I guess...  
  If anything ever happens to one of my probes I know where to start. Thanks!
Thank you very much for this link. I will take all my bad probes and open them up and see what I can get done with them. As a former cable guy, I know what a bad crimp means. Could be the difference of you getting some of those digital channels or not, fast or nonexistent internet. 
So the connections aren't soldered from the factory?
Crimp is the preferred way of making a connection in a high heat situation. Solder can melt where a crimp should not.  Normally both the wire and crimp connector are plated to resist corrosion and the mechanical connection is sufficient.  Look at the photos others have posted of the connections inside their MES and other electric smokers.  Crimped connections at the heat element.

Guess that one was the last one made on a Friday just before quitting time.....
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Thanks dward51 for making me think.  You are right about crimps being heat resistance.  I never gave it a thought as my smoker wont go above 300* and the melting temp of the solder is around 360* to 420*.  I do have some silver solder with a melting temp of about 840* and I will use it next time or if I have to redo the one probe I did.

(Guess that one was the last one made on a Friday just before quitting time.....)  Seems a lot of the probes have been made on Friday.....LOL

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