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What should my next purchase be?


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I currently have a large Big Green Egg which I love. The one thing that I do not like about the Egg is the capacity. I can do 2 whole chickens or 2 large pork butts. But I would like something that can hold at least double that amount, 4 chickens or 4 butts.

I'm looking at pellet smokers, such as the Yoder. I'm also looking at electric smokers such as the MES gen 1 40".

I plan on keeping my Egg, so it's not going to be a replacement. Can anyone give me some advice? I have not been able to see the MES in person, so I don't really know about the capacity of it.

chef willie

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Not a MES fan here....up close they look cheesy IMO. If you can swing it a Yoder rocks (I hear) They got some vids of Yoders in action on you-tube to check out....Willie


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Hello aklee987.

Might I suggest the WSM 22.5.  Since you're already familiar with a charcoal smoker.

With 2 levels that's plenty of room.  This is going to be my next purchase.


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Well, a vertical electric will give you good capacity but beware the mes series. Lots of problems with quality and temp control. Look at the smokin' it line for comparable cost but better quality. As for pellet cookers, Yoder is good choice with a RecTec as another to look closely at. Best of luck.


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I had an older gen MES40, and liked it a lot.  Never cooked for more than just the family, but never ran out of space...I had as many as 8 racks of spare ribs in it a couple times, just laying flat on the grates with no rib racks.  

I now own a Rec Tec pellet smoker.  IMO its the best smoker I've ever owned...spot-on temp control and very easy to use.  As for capacity, I've not tried it yet, but I'm sure I could get the same 8 racks of spares in the RT without having to use rib racks.  I hear those Yoders are great pits too, and comparable in capacity to my Rec Tec.  Also, I believe I've heard Yoder owners talk about an available 2nd rack to expand the cooking area.



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Yeah, I had an older mes 40 also and loved it. Got the new gen 2 mes and no comparison. IMO the new mes units are junk. Controllers are way off. Side to side temps variants are huge. Chip tray fires. Element fails to turn off. Glass burning hot. Etc etc etc.


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If you want an electric, the Sausage Maker has "Made in America" smokers, and all the parts are available if something fails....  The have excellent warranties and a real person to talk to if you need help ....    I have some of their equipment and am very happy with their products......   Dave



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get another egg?  I have a Vision Komodo have a hard time using anything else nowadays.. my gas masterbuilt XL, which has a lot of capacity and turns out great food, sit idle. same with my gas grill.

just a thought, if you are comfortable with Charcoal/lump you may want to stay with the same fuel source.same smoke flavoring from the same wood etc..


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MES is not a permanent smoker. I own one. But to get an electric smoker that you'll know will last a long time, be ready to break out that check book.

Personally I think with my prior education with smokers that I will most probably build one of my own.  Its not brain surgery, and there is nothing but help here on the boards. I have the guy on TV smoke in a cardboard box, I have seen my Dad for fun smoked sausage in a clothes dryer shell once, Pop had a huge TeePee smoker that was homemade. Seriously after looking at Pop's smokehouse he built and Q-viewed here on SMF, it doesn't get any better than that. Well you can always go brick I guess.....

If you want electric, get that brinkmann conversation kit, then find you some sort of container.I just looked up and the TV armoire would make a great smoker with a little insulation. LOL.... you can use anything. I am thinking though either Wes's big brick or Pops smoke house would top my list. But you'd have to convert to electric and it would really take away from the smoker.

Buy a conversion, build one that fits you!

You realize my smoker will know of all this negativity I have just spouted, I fear that tomorrow's jerky will now suffer....... <sighs>
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