What Happened to Pork Roast

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Jun 1, 2015
So I decided to smoke a pork loin roast to go with the Thanksgiving Day turkey breast and I smoked it at 250 to 275 degrees. I dry rubbed it and then wrapped in bacon and pulled it when the internal temp reached 140 degrees and did not slice for a couple of hours and it came out very tough is there anything that I did wrong to cause this or was it just a bad piece of meat. Any help would be appreciated
Hey Riley. Pork loin is a great but very dry cut of meat--just no fat on it to speak of (one of the reasons I love it). Kinda like a turkey breast.
I tend to cook mine at 240ish. Admittedly, I tend to cook everything at 240ish. :emoji_blush: I generally remove the loin from the smoker at about 138, since carry over during the rest period, will easily bring it up to 140. If you pulled yours at 140 and held it for a couple of hours, then the IT when you ate it would be quite a bit higher than 140--and it would be over cooked. If you like your pork a bit pink, pull it at about 136-137, let it rest for an hour, and it should be juicy and tender
What I've found real helpful in keeping the meat moist and tender, is to either wrap it in bacon or stuff it with fruit. Just cut a pocket in the loin, insert the fruit, and tie everything shut with butcher twine.
Blasphemy, perhaps, but I much prefer pork loin cooked with sauerkraut and potatoes in either the crockpot or in a CI Dutch oven, in the oven. I've had decent results smoking it, but I think it turns out so much better when braised in liquid. Sous vide would be another good option.
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I inject mine with Kosmos pork injection. There is always a chance you just got a tough loin, it happens.
I smoke mine in a pan with broth. Then slice & put back in the broth. Pull mine out at 138. Always tender & juicy. But as said above, sometimes you just get a bad piece of meat.
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