What do you do....

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What do you do when at someone esles BBQ

  • Sit Back and Enjoy it (even if it means eating shoe leather)

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  • Offer advice

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  • Get asked to cook

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  • Just bring a side

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  • Take over the operation cause noboby knows what they are doing

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  • Get so Drunk you don't remember the BBQ

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Master of the Pit
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Feb 22, 2010
Spring, Tx
OK so I have a friend who spent a lot of money on a smoker but refuses to learn how to use it.  He always invites my wife and I over for BBQ's and I always lend a helping hand.  Sometimes I help cook sometimes I just offer advice.  We always have a good time but my wife hinted that it may be rude to go to someone's house and tell them how to cook.  I know you have been in this situation once in your life what would you do?
I always bring my own beer, so I can wash the taste out of my mouth......

I'm with Todd, except I leave the beer in my truck & drink his!   
Usually if they have eaten my Q, i get asked to cook.

 If not i eat it and keep my mouth shut.

 ( i don't like being kicked in the shins under the table by the wife)
I hear ya. I know a few guys that have their own pit they made and they think they know everything. I have yet to eat the food off of the new pit but I have eaten it in the past and they don't have a clue. One of them came to my house one time and we smoked ribs and he thought I was nuts for smoking the ribs 2-2-1. He only does his ribs for a few hours. They don't get tender at all and I know because I have had them. He smoked them for about an hour in the smoker then threw them on the grill to finish them. Very tough and some weren't completely done. I guess I try to throw my $0.02 in but for the most part they think I am somewhat crazy so I keep my mouth shut and let them put out sub par Q.
invite them over to your house and show'em how it's done................
Does he ask for advice or doesn't he act like he knows it all? If he is looking or advice I would help him out but if he acts like he knows it all and he is set in his ways then I would probably just sit back and let him do his thing. Unless he is cooking meat that isn't safe to eat then I would say something.
I don't tell people how to cook, if they ask I offer suggestions. It's a fine line sometimes, and I don't want to be rude or make someone feel awkward. It's all good my friend.
Sounds like THROWDOWN to me!!! LOL no don't do that i was just kidding! What does everyone else say about his Q? Do they also think its good? I would just ask nicely if there will be enough food and if you should bring some Q with you..I am the only one who does and bbq in my family or my friends so i always get asked to cook!
It is safe to eat and he askes for advice I just don't want to step on any ones elses toes.
It is safe to eat and he askes for advice I just don't want to step on any ones elses toes.
I would say something like " I have noticed that you have asked for my advice on smoking several times. Would you like to come over to my place and spend an afternoon and we could work together so I can answer quesions as we go"
I always bring my own beer, so I can wash the taste out of my mouth......


     Todd, Amen!  lol  

     Al, I bring my own beer after an experience with an old neighbor, when he would be drinking say Coors lite and would offer you something else you had to be careful!!  He was having Michelob and offered me a beer.  As soon as I cracked the top of that bottle of bud I knew it was nasty!  When I looked at the born on date, it was nearly 2 years old!!!!  And like a fool, I tried to pretend to drink it! lol  I later found out he hated bud but had it leftover from a party nearly 2 years ago!  Actually after I thought about it more I kind of got a little pee'od....I mean come on, what kind of "friend" drinks fresh beer and gives skunk crap to company?  From that point on, I bring my own, just in case!  lol

     This particular skunk beer friend also felt he had to have the smoke just rolling out of the smoker like his dang house was on fire! It can be touchy offering advice and when they don't take it, I just hope I have had enough beer before it's time to eat and hope they have a dog!
Oh man, I've eaten chicken that was raw and chicken that was burned to a crisp, chicken that was left to thaw all night on the counter and cooked the next afternoon, I pray a lot and ask the Lord to not allow me to get sick (they will drink poison and not die is part of the perks that come with my job).  If they are my friends I will usually not say anything, but later when I have cooked some chicken I'll take them a couple of pieces and say, "I know you like chicken, I want to return the favor,  here is some that I cooked, try it and see if you like it," that has opened many doors to talk about BBQ and ultimately the Lord.

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