What did everyone do for Thanksgiving?

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Nov 3, 2010
I brined and smoked a 11.5 pound fresh turkey and it came out amazing. I used a lot of techniques found on this site and they were most helpful. I brined my turkey with just under a gallon of water then added two 16 oz frozen orange juice cans, a cup of kosher salt, Cinnamon, Chinese five spice and 3 oz of grated ginger. Then I added the turkey to a three gallon stainless pot and topped with water in order to cover the turkey with brine.  I am guessing  it was about a gallon and a half of water then the OJ on top of that. I followed the hour of brineing per pound and brined for 12 hours. Then I smoked with hickory for  about 2 hours till the bird temperature was 140F and then cooked the rest with out wood chips. I used 2  pounds of small chips. My box thermometer read about 225-250 though out the cook. The turkey took just under 4.5 hours to reach 165F. I used a small cooking sheet from my toaster oven to catch the drippings and my GF's son turned it in to the best gravy I have ever tasted. It was a little too salty at first, but he cut it with a little bit of dark beer and it smoothed it out a great deal. The skin was a nice color but a little bit lighter than ones I have seen on here. I wish I took a picture of this. I did not spray it or baste it. The flavor was the best out  of a turkey I have tasted. This beats my Grandmother's all to hell. I served it with my Grandmother's secrete recipe for cranberry sauce, which is conveniently located on the back of the Ocean Spray bag with a little bit of fresh orange juice, orange zest and Cinnamon. I made up some cornbread stuffing and fresh asparagus. The three of us ate like Royals. 

I  plan on smoking a frozen 22 pound bird next. I am thinking with something this size I will have smoke for a few hours and then finish on direct heat on my gas grill. I will be looking to baste this one beings that it is an 8% injected solution one


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Dec 15, 2007
I just grilled up a couple of thick rib eye steaks for my wife and I.  We elected not to do the traditional turkey/ham this year.  You can do your 22# turkey on the smoker and still be safe by spatchcocking it. Just make sure you get it past the 140° mark within the 4 hours.  When the bird is laid out flat, it tends to cook faster.
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