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Weston Propane Smoker - Conversion to Natural Gas

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I had a Weston smoker sitting in my garage for about 8 years. I purchased it at a charity auction. I also had a natural gas port on my patio. Last weekend I decided to connect it and see what happens.

The smoker works on natural gas, on the "low" setting. It gets up to 200 degrees with no load. If you put a couple chickens in it, it drops to around 160 degrees.

If the dial is cranked up higher than "low," the flame blows itself out. Obviously the port size needs modified.

I smoked some chickens for 2.5 hours. They reached 130 degrees, and I finished them in my indoor oven @ 275 degrees. They tasted great. But ideally I'd do 100% of the cooking in the smoker.

As-is, it was perfect for jerky. :emoji_wink:

I am hoping someone can provide some guidance regarding either drilling out the existing orifice or swapping the old orifice for a new one.

Where is the brass orifice located? The incoming natural gas line threads into a pre-mounted nut that T's off into the gas feed to the burner (pic above). Is it inside that pre-mounted nut? I tried to removed it, and it didn't budge. I'm afraid to torque it any harder because I don't want to break it. If that's where the orifice insert is, I assume the nut needs to be rotated counterclockwise to loosen?

Any guidance is appreciated.

kilo charlie

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Welcome to SMF.

Talk about playing with fire. Definitely not a good idea hooking up natural gas to a propane smoker. Please visit a hardware store and purchase a conversion kit.


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Contact manufacturers customer support and determine if they offer a conversion kit. If not try your gas supplier.


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Do yourself a favor a go buy a propane bottle to run it.
The burner will need about halve the gas holes plugged and the orfice hole will need enlarged. Natural gas has less BTU’s than propane and requires low pressure set up. Can be done, but a propane bottle at the exchange is the smartest move here.
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Thanks to you all for replying. I tried to find info regarding a propane-to-gas conversion on YouTube or elsewhere for this smoker model and didn't have any luck.

I have a couple propane tanks from my homebrewing days. I can use those until I can find a suitable, complete conversion kit somewhere. If one exists.

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