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  1. bigwheel

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    I hate to make yall jealous here..but was searching for some good meat deals in the grocery ads yesterdy morn..our ads come out on Weds..and stumbled over this crazy store Tom Thumb/Safeway who was offering select grade Top Sirloin for 2.99..yeppers went and snagged 20 lbs. Looked like great jerky fodder to the untrained eye. I was hoping to find top round for less than 4 bucks. That is enough for two batches in the current configuraton. 10-11 pounds is currently about my limit at one setting until rearranging the furniture in the jerky making machine.
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    yea that's a pretty good deal,. We have a one time summer deal here in Amarillo, texas.  Black Angus Eye of round roast 4.99 lb buy one get one free! No limit per person. I always use inside eye of round roast as it is very lean. But at 4.99 lb it is hard to make a lot of jerky without feeling a little guilty. that's my favorite deal here, second is select brisket at $.99 lb and pork spare ribs at $.99 lb
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    Sounds like a heck of deal. Albertsons does the buy one get one free deal..but they just double the price of the first one. Drives me crazy trying to figure out how much it really costs. Havent seen the .99 brisket and spare ribs in several years in this area. I seem to usually wind up with top round for jerky. Eye of round seems a bit more tedious to prep.

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