Well, so, um... Pigs? (Graphic)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bladebuilder, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Yesterday, a friend contacted me to help him pick up a pig that he got a good deal on. $100 for a whole pig "be here Saturday morning, we'll put it down, then you take it away" the farmer said. So at 9:00am we show up, farmer says "ya want another?" Happily I accepted! Sweet I get one too!! "How much room ya got? Want more?" Well, would love more, but don't have any more cash on us. "Don't worry 'bout that! Back your truck in!" While we did that we hear bang! bang! bang! bang! My buddy lookes at me and says "Holy crap, they're gonna be full of holes!

    Nope! Before we get outta the truck, the tailgate is down, and two hired hands are running in the pen with a knife. we look and there are 4 pigs down, bled, and now being tossed in the truck! "$200 for all 4, sound good?" We look at each other, hand the farmer the cash, and he says, let me know if you need more!!

    So I know what I'm doing tomorrow! Butcher duty!

  2. Good lord man you "stole" those!!  Did you wear a mask and carry a gun??  $50 a pig??  From the picts they look in the 150lb range.  Great score!  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!

  3. foamheart

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    Nice looking custom Gambrel you've got there. Didn't know they made 'em to handle 4 at once.

    So is a whole pig going to be worked into the schedule soon?
  4. GaryHibbert

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    What a steal!!!! Fantastic. No bargains like that up here--sigh
  5. They were saying on news that the price of pork was going down but that's crazy... Are you sure the guys owned the farm and the real owners were gone for a few days. ;-)

    Those look to be some nice looking hogs.. Even if you made the whole hog in to ground pork, it would still be a deal.. I can see some nice headcheese on the way.
  6. Gotta love Hutterites! Sometimes you pay for it, then others they throw at you!
  7. b-one

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    Wow,deal of the century!!!
  8. That is for sure a score. I need to get a hanging rack like that.

    Happy smoken.

  9. driedstick

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    great steal, Freezer will be full now!!

    a full freezer is a happy freezer

  10. bearcarver

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    Now you're ready, Bubba!!

    Looks like we're in for a lot of QView!![​IMG]

  11. welshrarebit

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    Fire up the imu!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all of that...
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  12. timberjet

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    Nice haul of Hogs there. Wow, I wish I could be that lucky.
  13. oldschoolbbq

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    Good , Lord , man . You got a lot of pig there , you'll be busy all day with that .
  14. Whew!! All processed. Don't own a band saw, so what I couldn't do with a hand saw is all de-boned. Got whole loins cut up for boneless chops. Got some shoulder roasts, baby backs, side ribs, hocks, several roasts all vac packed, just put two whole hinds into some of Pops Brine, modified it with some maple sugar, and dark brown sugar (replaced the regular brown sugar) All injected, soaking in a meat tub, with 3 gallons of brine in the refridgerator. Got all the trim ground up into 20 oz packages and vac packed. we are a family of 5, a pound isn't quite enough. [​IMG] OK, I'm tired now!

    Not into head cheese or trotters, so that's all coyote bait!
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  15. aceoky

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    That is such an awesome deal!
  16. Sounds like you did good. Reading your last post remindme to get my meat saws back before they grow roots in their new homes. From start to finish, I almost think a good handsaw is faster if you were only doing one pig because of the extra clean up on a bandsaw. Anyway you look at it, you are going to have some good eating. Nice job!!
  17. Man what a steel  around here you can't get much for $50 bucks

  18. timberjet

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    Meat saw. This is what I use.
  19. twoalpha

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    Looks like hog heaven. Lots of good eatin ahead.
  20. I am really Jealous !!!    Hey I'll give you $75 for one  -----   Do you deliver ??


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