Well I guess it's the end of an era.

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Apr 22, 2011
Washington, DC
I smoked a prime rib for dinner last night, over across the street in the park. Like I've done many times, I left my mini WSM over there to cool down. This morning I had some salmon I'd been curing and was going to put it on to cold smoke. I looked out the window earlier and the smoker was right where I'd left it. A short while later when I went to put the fish on, it was gone.

So farewell little Sputnik. We've had a lot of fun together.

I hope whatever low life douchebag that stole MY smoker on the day after Christmas gets a serious case of the trots the first time they use it.

I guess that's it for the smoking for me. This is the 3rd time I've had a grill or smoker stolen, and frankly storing something even as small as the mini WSM in this crappy little apartment is a pain in the ass.

Man that's horrible.

Cant trust anyone these days.
Hello My Friend!

I'm so sorry to hear about your missing MINI!!! 

First off, take solace in the fact that you are such an incredible cook, that whether you're smoking, searing, or whatever it be; YOUR fantastic creations will be just fabulous! True be that.

Secondly, people who steal, are people who feel they are missing  something, or without  something, or feel lost, cheated, or having had something taken away from them - most notably cahones, if they have to sneak around and covertly pluck other people's belongings, versus walking right up to life and figuring out a way to get what they want. T'is tragic stuff.

And so, if it's helpful at all, be grateful that you have your...well, that all "things" are in tact, you have your beautiful mate, your health, your mental faculties, and one hell of a knack when it does come to Prime Rib - and photography I'll add! So there!

There are still beautiful things in this world to indeed enjoy and eat; and I have no doubt that you'll be WOWING us, with your creations of them!

That from upbeat "Leah Land" (eternal optimist here, what can I say) and I hope it helps. Ripping up old phone books and shouting in strong guttural Russian is cathartic too! Smiles.

Please feel better and know that I send you great cheer! You'll have a BETTER smoker, and just, precisely, when it's right and on time to make something really special!

Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
Thanks for the kind words. It's my fault, I shouldn't have left it out there. but I got cold and wanted to eat. Then there was a good bit of wine, conversation and I really didn't feel like going out to retrieve it.
My pleasure! Any time!

It's sincere, and from my "Glass Half Full" way of seeing things I suppose.

But it's not your fault, and you didn't do anything wrong. There are indeed some schmuck-tarts in this big and very beautiful world, although be grateful that you're most certainly not one of them!

Here is to that!

And to FANTASTIC food - whether smoked, grilled, baked, broiled, or served my very favorite way: cold and raw!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the snow I go!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah
We do have a few members in the land of "Voo Doo"... Maybe they would take some worthy actions on the "Evil Doers"....
A very wise person once told me as a young man not to let the bad actions of others ruin my life. He pointed out:

God will get them you don't have to, or the universe has a way of balancing out (depending on your religious leanings).

Their are obviously not happy and content, don't let them spread their grief to you.

There will always be people who act poorly. You can choose to get upset or to accept it and enjoy life.

The years proved him right so many times.

So, don't worry about the bad guys, there will be justice even if you don't get to see it. They are already unhappy and incomplete. Get past this, enjoy your life and strive to do what you enjoy!

In other words, don't give up smoking if you love it!

That really sucks! I know that Grinch will gets his eventually!

Keep on Smokin!!! It'd be a bummer not to see your posts here anymore!
Dang man that sucks. I hope the thief gets his
A call to the park dept might be worth a try. If they didn't see anyone around maybe they picked it up.

Watch craigs list.  Never know you might bee able to buy it back.  That happened to a buddy of mine a guy stole his chainsaw right out of his yard and put it on CL.  He took the cops with him to buy it back and the guy went to jail and he got his saw back. 


So sorry to read that your MWSM was kidnapped.  Sad thing is that the horses A that took it probably doesn't know how to use it!  It's probably scared to death locked up in a pawn shop by now.  The poor little guy.

That makes me 

Never worry about the cool down next time.  Just put the grill back together and carry it back with the pot.   I hope you can forgive the p.o.s that did that.   Hearing stuff like this makes me want to 
     Ugh this fries me!   
Hi Mr. Boatman,

     I'm not a heavy poster. I guess I'm more of a lurker or observer. But I so enjoy smoking and do so on a regular basis. We have the weather for it so any time of the year is good. But the point of my reply is that I enjoy the SMF, I enjoy reading the posts and some of those really attract my attention. Yours have always been one of the attention grabbers. So, I really hate that some skum bag make off with your smoker but I really hate that you won't be smoking anymore. I Hope that somehow you may get another and that you will post often again. Thanks for the posts in the past ......  I have really enjoyed them,.
Jees Md

I really feel for you.  Before we moved up here to the Alberta bush, Linda and I Ilived in the badlands of Calgary--dirveby shootings, murders, you name it.  Just put a chain on it and a warning sign with a picture of a side by side 12 gauge, and maybe the low lifes will get the idea.

Thanks guys. I didn't mean I was leaving the site or anything. Just that while I'm living here it really won't be worth it to get another smoker. Hopefully before too long we'll be in a house and I can smoke to my little heart's content!
Hey another thought, call the parks dept there and see if they picked it up. The maintenance crews here work early and late and pick up everything that is left and they have a lost and found that all that stuff goes into.
Disco - what sage and very upbeat and lovely advice! (Just reading these now). Yes here is to much better things in 2014, and for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Friday all! Cheers!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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