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    All the talk about making sausage reminded me of a German restaurant that we used to go to when we lived in Lincoln, NE. They imported lots of their stuff directly from Germany including a variety of sausages.

    One of the sausages my family liked was called weisswurst. It's very mild and looks nearly white (thus the name) with flecks of parsley in it.

    The restaurant closed and I have never seen this sausage anywhere else. I have found a recipe for making it. (http://recipesbycindy.homestead.com/Weisswurst.html)

    I just wondered if any of you sausage makers had made weisswurst. If you have, how difficult is it? Is it a "beginner" level? [​IMG]
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    I have never made it, but the emulsification always intimidates me due to my lack of experience in the sausage world. I would rank it above pure beginner just becuase of the emsulsification part...........but I am a beginner.......and a chicken on top of that. LOL
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    Question...does it sport whet glutin/flour?
  4. Terry,

    I've made lots of sausage, but never weisswurst. Traditional German weisswurst, according to 2 German friends, is made from brains. Sorry, but I just can't go there. An old gentleman that had a sausage shop in Tulsa, and made a lot of sausage for the German-American Society here, also made his from brains. Surely there is a recipe out there for a non-brain variety.

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    >Traditional German weisswurst, according to 2 German friends, is made from brains. Sorry, but I just can't go there.<

    If that is so, then it will be a thing of the past. Nervous system tissue from cattle is no longer available for food use. That is because of the Mad Cow Disease fear and the fact that cooking does not kill the prions. I need to check this out, I guess.
  6. I was looking to get into sausage making (my grinder should be here today) and was looking through debi's recipes. There is a recipe for this in her 150 recipes stickied at the top of this sub-forum. And from what I read it's a brain-free recipe.

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