Chicken Sausage Question - Helping someone with a serious food allergy caused by a tick bite (Alpha-gal syndrome)

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May 14, 2016
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My good friends wife got bitten by a tick a couple of years ago and developed a really bad food allergy making her allergic to beef, pork, lamb, etc...basically anything that walks on 4 legs (Alpha-gal syndrome). She can eat anything poultry or fish (anything that flies or swims.) As you can imagine, this severely restricts her diet.

I was hoping to come up with some sort of chicken sausage for her just to give her a little variety - but - we can't use collagen or natural casings as those are made from 4 legged animals. We can use fibrous casings as they are cellulose...but I doubt that works for fresh sausages like chicken brats (I think).

Looing for a chicken summer sausage recipe or something else we might be able to try?
What about a chicken-thigh breakfast sausage recipe?

Thanks for reading...hoping for some ideas.
+1 LOVE the strippable "hot dog" casings. Chicken thigh and skin makes EXCELLENT sausage. Brats would be perfect just use the above casings. Bfast sausage would work too. There are a number of well regarded chicken sausage recipes if you search a little.
These are pork , but you could do the same with chicken thighs and skin .
Cellulous casings . SV or poach . Peel then brown . I messed up my time in the water and washed the flavor out a bit , but they were pretty good .

You could also pack in bulk , then slice patties semi frozen , semi thawed .
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Thanks guys!

I talked to the chef (John) at and he said their vegetarian casings are grillable and edible. We are going to give them a try. There were 4 reviews and two of them seemed legit indicating the vegetarian casing were pretty similar to collagen.

I make a 25 pound batch of chicken Italian sausage about every 18 months, it's my wife's favorite. If you order the seasoning packets you can cut the amount of sausage you make back to whatever is comfortable for you. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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