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Weber Genesis Silver C Help


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Joined Mar 21, 2011
I have a 10+ year old Weber Genesis Sliver C grill.  It came with the cast iron grill grates.  They are falling apart.  I need to replace them.  Kind of disappointed that they didn't last that long (at least from my thinking).  Anyone have any thoughts on replacing?  Do I go with cast iron again?  Stainless steel?  Enamel covered cast iron?

If anyone has any thoughts or advice, I'd be grateful.

Thank you.


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I've had my stainless grates since I bought mine about 9 years ago, they are in perfect condition. No finish to worry about getting scraped or damaged, run the grill on high for 10 - 15 mins and scrape with a wire brush and they are 100% clean. I noticed Lowe's had the stainless replacements the other day when I was walking through as well, so fairly easy to get if you need to upgrade.

I actually tore into the Weber over the weekend for a heavy clean in preparation for the upcoming grilling season, never replaced anything on it before either. Looks like I'll get one more year out of 2 of 5 the flavorizor bar things, the hanging "bun" rack needs to be replaced, and it could probably use some high temp paint on the firebox. Not bad after nearly a decade of use, got to love Weber stuff.


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Looking to get a Weber charcoal or propane grill in a few weeks.  Wondering about the Cast Iron grate....I am a CI junkie.  Watching for what others are going to say too.



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I don't have a Weber grill, but did have a really "nice" stainless gas BBQ that had cast iron grates, burners, etc. They didn't last very long at all. My newest grill that I have Is all stainless and for the three years that I have owned it I have had no issues with any of the parts. As much as I like cast iron, I think that the grates and burners they make aren't that high quality.  So I would go for stainless.. Now for pots and pans, CAST IRON!!!


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i have SS, but really want [color= rgb(24, 24, 24)]  Enamel covered cast iron grates. they are best IMO. easy to clean, nice grill marks, heats up well.[/color]


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I've got stainless in my Weber Summit S670 and mine is a 2008 model.  Don't know about the stainless grate for the Genesis Silver, but the rods on the grate of the Summit are THICK and solid. Clean up like new every time.  

Cast iron is nice too, just season it properly and it should seal the surface and help with non-stick effect also.


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I have a 15 year old Weber gas grill.  Everything lasted great for the first 10-12 years.  The replacement parts however, quite frankly suck.  I heard they were sold in recent history and quality has suffered.  The burner for instance 12 years of the the first one, replacement is due in 3 yrs with the last one.  I made flovorizer bars from raw 1/4 steel angle iron, lasts a lot longer than the sheet metal replacements.
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Thank you for all the great advice.  I ended up with the enameled cast iron grates, however, when I took out the old grates and gave the inside a decidedly overdue cleaning, I found that the flavorizor bars were rusted through so I ended up with a new set of those as well.

I have grilled twice on the new setup and I am very pleased with the results.  Now, just need to grill and grill to get all that new gear seasoned up!


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