Weber charcoal chimney

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Dec 7, 2017
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I’ve been running embers charcoal from Home Depot pretty much all summer. I have in the past but I have noticed when I load up my charcoal chimney, lit with pet of the charcoal bag torn off under it, it smokes horribly. I dont think I’ve ever noticed it before. It smokes out pretty much my whole street. Is this something I’ve never noticed, could it be the embers charcoal or the charcoal chimney that causes it?
Sounds normal to me, mine smokes like a freight train for about the first 12-15 minutes. I use 2 Weber cubes and set it on the Smokey Joe cooking grate for max airflow.
I use Ridge charcoal only.
I have been lighting mine on the side burner of my gasser, gets going quickly. It still puffs smoke, not for as long though.
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I'm with Even... only good use I've found for side burner on my gasser!

I dont mind the smoke at all. Lets my neighbors know im q'ing

Haha thanks guys. I just never really noticed it too much. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t my charcoal.
I've used newspaper, paper grocery bags, cut up charcoal bags, cardboard egg cartons, and used paper towels to start my chimney. When using a lot of anything, wow, the smoke is dense.

I started using less starter paper and spraying the starter fuel with cooking oil that had turned rancid. Too much oil and you get a black diesel-type smoke. A light spray of oil and less fuel burns longer and hotter. You still get the blue smoke, but not as long.
If you didn't get the smoke then I'd be worried.

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