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Was given a large boneless ribeye roast - how do I cook it?


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Hi all,

A friend of mine works for a meat distributor and he gave me a big frozen ribeye roast, about 6 pounds.  I'm not sure how to cook it.  My wife and kids won't eat it medium rare, either.

I was thinking I could just cut it into 1.5 inch steaks, but it'll be a whole bunch of meat to have to cook at once since it'll all be thawed.  I was also thinking I could cook it like a prime rib but let it come up to medium, but again, I've never cooked a prime rib or anything like it, so I don't know how long it takes for a big piece of ribeye like this to get up to 140.

Any advice would super helpful.

cathy l

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I just did this today.  I put it in the Traeger at 1:30 at 225*.  stuck the probe in the middle and set it at 143* after reading some other posts.  It rang at about 5:45 so about 4 hours.  It was slightly pink in the middle rare enough for me and done enough for the kids.  I used a little sea salt and a gourmet no-salt seasoning rub I found at Costco this morning.  After supper I sliced it all down on the electric slicer for sandwiches and tacos and burritos.  froze baggies and it's all done.  HTH.


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It's a prime rib. I like mine rare, but smoke it until about 10 degrees before your desired temp (135 for medium rare). then reverse sear it on a hot grill, roll it around until all sides are seared, it will be up to temp by then, let rest, slice, serve with au jus and horseradish. use a simple beef rub SPOG or your own fav.



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What are you cooking it on? I did one last weekend in the Weber 22.5" which always works well.

For a meat like Rib I tend to cook at a little higher than pork or brisket joints as I find it makes little difference
  • Rub the day before with your favourite rub.
  • Cover or vac pac then store in the fridge overnight
  • Take out of fridge 2-3 hours before cooking to allow to get up to room temperature
  • Set the Weber up for indirect cooking with half full water pan between the coals
  • Place the rib roast in a roasting tray and place above the water pan
  • Insert temperature probe in meat and on grill
  • Place a large split chunk of Oak on  the coals at each side before putting on the lid.
  • Adjust bottom air vent to achieve cooking temperature of about 160C (320F)
  • It will take a couple of hours to reach 54C (130F) - but you may want to take it up to 56C (133F) if they like it more well done
  • Take out of the BBQ and wrap in a double foil wrap.
  • Leave to stand for AT LEAST 45 minutes before carving - during the initial standing period the core temperature of the meat will rise by about 5C (9F). This brings my meat up to 59C (138F) which I find most people will eat. Leaving it to 56C (133F) will end up with an internal temperature of 61C (142F) 
Good luck - whichever way you cook it I am sure that it will taste great.
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Personally, I would set aside a portion of the roast for cheesesteaks.  Let it thaw slightly then slice as thin as you can.  Get some cheese wiz, get some good Italian rolls, Amoroso if you can get them where you are.  It's what Pat's and Geno's and all of the reputable places in Philly use.


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That's a great idea if your family won't eat it med rare. Another option is to cook the whole thing to rare or med rare and have a hot grill or simmering pan of au jus standing by to bring theirs up to medium well or however they like it. That way everyone gets what they want and the rare leftovers can still be sliced thin for cheesesteaks.

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