Verticle Reverse Flow Smoker - Advantages / Dis-Advantages

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  1. I’m working on plans for a vertical smoker and have been doing a lot of research.  One thing I have not been able to find information about is the advantages/disadvantages of a vertical, reverse flow smoker.  Any help and information will be appreciated.
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    I know there is a member on here that did a RF on a trailer not too long ago.  He did a horizontal box, with a vertival box on the end.  Just doing a vertical RF smoker only wouldnt be much different than a regular vertical smoker or even with a side firebox for it I would think.  Doing the RF is keeping the firebox outside and drawing the smoke into a seperate tank under a plate, then jumping up and back across the meat, then exiting through the stacks back on top of the firebox side just above your cooking grate level.

    I have not seen a vertical only RF. 


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