Venison Pork Summer sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by badman, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. I got a little carried away in roll call? I will finish it up here, got all the goddies together and started yesterday, breakfast and summer sausage. Mixed it upyesterday and let the cure set over night. Made 5 lb's of breakfast sausage, 6 lb's cheese summer sausage, 7 lb's of cheese and pepper summer sausage.

    Used LEM on the summer sausage Uncle Buck's on the breakfast.
  2. seaham358

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    Thats some nice looking SS.. the cheese crumbles does not melt??
    What spice kits did you use?
  3. I use LEM Backwoods Summer sausage mix has the cure packet in with the mix. The cheese does melt but it stays in the void the crumble makes. I like it kinda cheesy so I put two packs of crumbles to five lb of mix it usually yields a extra log of sausage. Same on cheese and pepper this time I added eight jal. peppers.
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    Sweet sausage. Looks incredible.
  5. The guy's at work think I tring to blow something up...
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    Could be worse. The guys KNOW I am... LOL [​IMG]

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