Venison Polish In The Oven

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Feb 6, 2013
Andover Minnesota
Ya, i know it's almost a sin to do sausage in the oven but when i made these the cold was more than most smokers can handle.  This was for my brother and a friend of ours up north.  That's where i got the venison from.  Here is what i used:

Curley's polish seasonings [25# batch]

then i added:

3 big T of diced garlic [stuff in jars]

2 T crushed red pepper

4 T mustard seeds

5 cups of dry'd milk powder

5 tsp cure #1

5 1/2 cups cold water

15 pounds pork butt

10 pounds venison

I ground up the meat through a course plate. Then i sprinkled the dry'd milk, red pepper, and mustard seeds over the meat. I then mixed the remaining seasoning, garlic, and cure in the water and poured it over the meat.  Mixed everything well and ground the mix one more time through a medium plate.  Then i put some plastic wrap over the mix and put it in the fridge for the seasonings and cure to blend in for the next days stuffing in hog casings.  Set the oven at 225 and did one batch at a time.  Took about 1 1/2 hours to reach the internal of 150 deg and then put the sausage in cold water for the bath.  After it cooled down to around 80 internal i pulled the sausage out to cool off and then vacuumed the sausage for the freezer.  Reinhard

with cure and cooked to an internal temp of 150* they should be "ready to eat".  But I would grill 'em up for that extra flavor if it was me.  Or cut and fry up.  Adds flavor either way.  I mean come on... which tastes better a baked hot dog or one grilled over a flame!  And polish sausage beats hot dogs any day!
Those look great nice color on them

a full smoker is a happy smoker
Looks great Reinhard.................. You Minnesotians sure know how to make some sausage.............
Thanks everyone.  Ya it got pretty cold last week or so. Anywhere from 25 below here and 43 below up near the border.  During late fall and winter i usualy like to make smoked sausage and from spring to fall mostly fresh [grillin time!!].  I always tell my family or friends who get my sausage that was cooked/smoked to finish them off on the grill or simmer them in water [10 min or so] even though they reached an internal of 150.  I use the same recipes that i use for these smoked sausage's, as i do for the fresh version minus the cure. 

runnerbl,  we talked earlier about using water in sausage.  I dont use water or beer in everything i make but most.  The higher the fat to lean ratio, the less or no water i use.  In smoked sausage some moisture is lost if no water and a binder like dry'd milk powder [example] is used because of the cooking/smoking process.  I dont have a set guideline as to what amount of water to use.  Over time i have found that in smoked sausage and the ingredients i use while making it, 5 1/2 cups of cold water works for me to get that sticky texture i look for after mixing. That may not apply to some fresh sausage because less water is needed or maby none at all.  When i make fresh breakfast sausage for example i get the texture i like after the grinding and mixing without extra water because of the higher fat content.  I dont think everyone does this the same but perhapst fairly close.  Personal prefarence plays a part in it as well.  Lot of great sausage makers on here that are very helpful.  I learn things all the time and get some great ideas from this site and recommend it to folks i know.  Reinhard
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