Vacuum sealer bags

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I bought these last time. They do have a wrinkle but I've yet to have a seal fail. I do double seal most things tho... these are really thick. I don't know what the mil is but they are stout.

I've had issues with some of the Amazon ones.
The rolls were all wrinkled for about the last 1/3 or so, making it difficult to seal.
Stopped buying them.

I was buying those too . The last batch I got had a bunch of wrinkles . Found a few bags in the freezer that had lost the seal .
I have noticed some wrinkles, but have not had any issues yet. The key for me is to double seal, as most everyone does, and also make sure the area being sealed lays flat and I'm not sealing a wrinkle. So far, so good...
I've ordered them 3 times . First time they were great . Second time , a couple rolls had wrinkles at the start . This last batch was bad . I should have sent them back . I did double seal those because of the wrinkles , but you shouldn't have to do that with a quality sealer and bags . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.