VacMaster DUO550 - seeking info...?

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Original poster
Jan 24, 2017
Hi Meat Gurus,

I have been searching high and low for an actual review of the VacMaster DUO550. Has anyone put this model through its paces?

I realize the chamber is smaller and only 3" deep compared to 5" in the VP112S/210/215.

We are a couple who will be using this to cook in bulk, then seal individual portions for the nights we don't want to cook (most weeknites. ;p )

We definitely want a chamber vac for wet foods. But I'd also like to freeze larger items like homemade frozen pizzas, full racks of ribs etc.

We have limited cupboard/counter space. While we definitely appreciate the engineering of VP215's a monstrosity. I might have to keep it in the garage if we go that route.

Our first priority is investing in powerful and reliable equipment. It would be great to have best of both worlds (liquid and oversized items)

I'm wondering:

1. Is the pump the same as the VP112S/210? Is theverything DUO550 just as powerful/reliable?

2. Can you fit a small roast or whole chicken in to the 3" chamber with domed lid??

3. Which PRO model is the external sealer most comparable to?

4. Any known issues? Recommendations? Advice?

Many thanks in advance!

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