using vacum sealer to make rub penatrate?

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Feb 3, 2006
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Have any of you used a vacum sealer after adding rub to your meat and then refrigerating it before smoking?  I have used a pump vacum dish on steaks and chicken etc. befor grilling but today as I was rubbing a wild boar shoulder befor smoking, I thought "why not rub the meat and the vacum seal it and put in the frig, rather than wrap in plastic wrap.  Won't  the vacum draw the rub into the meat?  If you have ever done this let me know how it worked,
Seems like I've seen the guys on Top Chef use their vac's for marinades, this sounds pretty much the same. I don't see how it could hurt the taste any, it could help get some flavor into any nooks and crannies you missed, maybe and get good overall contact with the meat.  Since a rub is dry, I don't think you will get much flavor deeper into the meat the way you would with a liquid, but why not try it?
Actually, there's surface moisture present on cuts of meat, just very minute.  I don't know about your rub but when I put my rub on, then into the fridge for an overnighter or whatever, it turns wet.  Now we know the rub/moisture is being drawn in because of the salt in the rub.  A vac seal, whether in a bag or container will help, certainly.  Well, let's just say it can't hurt.
I just did a few smokes with marinade not rubs. I put them in ziplocks first and then sealed them in the vacuum bags. It worked out very well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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