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Slim pickins at 75248 as well, not worth taking pics. BUT $1.99 large Grade A 18ct eggs. Wrights bacon 24oz are $6.99 each. They are the digital coupons.
In store only deals are not too bad but the grocery stores around me seemed to have all lost power during the bad storms a couple of mornings ago. One still doesn't have power. So meat, frozen, and cooled items are going to be slim as they try to get rid of all the old stuff, clean up, and restock.
After I got my 2 briskets Friday, I went Sunday to get 2 more with different account, turns out they don't usually get more than a case at a time here in Indiana. Went to 5 stores and all sold out.
Mine only had 2 so three in the freezer. I'm accumulating more than I'm cooking,
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$2.49 Tyson Chicken Breasts @ 44907 but be sure to check the UPC with the phone app, none of the chicken digital coupons have worked in my area.

$4.99 Petite Sirloin Steaks @ 89139

That brisket and pork butts seem to be the best deals this week, kind of sad, just a few years ago they were that price or less not on sale at my local Costco.
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Not much here in 30019, except Brisket digital coupon $2.99/lb. I already got the $1.88 deal a few weeks ago. Nothing else stands out.
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