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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I am still looking for some advice how to treat these slabs of meat. I have three, 20 lb. vacu packed "shoulder clods". I have learned the flat iron steaks come from this section, but that is all I know. They have what appear to be a fairly thick fat cap along the entire length of one side, and very little fat on the other side. I have not cut them to see how much fat exists throughout the middle. They do not appear to have any bone, but they are still partially frozen, so I can't tell for sure. I asked two different high end butcher shops about it, and they had completley opposite opinions about smoking this meat. One said to smoke it like a brisket, and it would shred and eat beautifully. The other said smoking would dry them out and that they were more suited to slow cooking in a crock pot or that they would make excellent ground chuck. (I don't have a grinder)

    My smoker is a BSKD, and I could smoke 2 at once if I cut them in half and stacked them 4 shelves high.

    Suffice it to say I AM NOT breaking out the crock pot. I want smoked meat, dammit. So the real question is should I smoke it to med rare and try to slice it, or go the brisket route to 190+, and slice or shred it?

    What to do?
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  2. I would do it like a brisket and foil it with some liquid in there after you get it to 165. Then bring it to 200.  Other opinions may differ here too. The fat cap should help keep it moist.
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    This is a question for Pops. If he doesn't see this thread then just PM him.
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    X2  Also, Pops could help you better if he had pics to look at. This is a difficult question because that puppy could be reduced to several different cuts.  Pops is your man.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    here are some pics...

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    Here's some links that will show you how to properly separate the shoulder clod:

    their home site:  http://www.beefinnovationsgroup.com/

    for shoulder clod:  http://www.beefinnovationsgroup.com/ValueCuts/shoulderclod/#/beefChuckShoulderClod

    You can get some good steaks and roasts from them, just follow the videos, but bear in mind that these are merchandising into final finished cuts and you very well may not want to reduce them to that level; more keeping them into whole roasts, leaving some connective tissue and fat, etc.  But these will show to every level you can reduce to or also how to carve a whole piece into smaller sections once cooked.
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