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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by tito, May 7, 2012.

  1. tito

    tito Fire Starter

    So After this weekend I realized a few things, 1. I need a cover for my uds, because the caps that I put over the holes are not really water tight. 

    2. I need a routine for keeping it clean. the grate on it was beyond nasty.   the grate is easy just clean it after I am done cooking, however I had about 2 inches of water/ash mixture from the rain and burnt charcoal in the bottom of the barrel. 

    So for those of you that let your UDS sit outside in all weather conditions, what do you do to your UDS to keep it in the best condition possible? 

    Is there a cover that works for it?  I could buy some outside vinyl and have my mom make a custom cover for it, but that would take some time..... if there one I could buy for cheap I would rather do that.  

    also if your uds sits for a while (or gets nasty inside like mine did)  what do you do to clean it out?  dish soap to the sides and a good scrub brush and then re-season it? 
  2. jrod62

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    I seen a cheap cover at walmart. Thinking around $7 .
    think is was for a round smoker like the weber.
    Might not be long enough to reach the ground but it
    will cover most of the UDS.
    Was thinking about that for mine but i made a spot in my shed
    To put my UDS when not using it
  3. smokin smiley

    smokin smiley Newbie

    i bought a smoker cover at home depot for $9.99. fits perfect to. I think it was 36'' in length.

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