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TX - Extreme BBQ Makeover - New Braunfels Smoker Refurb

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jackthejester, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    welcome to smf. great pics & great score.[​IMG]
  2. squeezy

    squeezy Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Wow! ... such a serious firebox for the size of that smoker!

    Looks great and BTW ... welcome to SMF!
  3. WOW!! .. THANKS you guys!!

    Great to come back to your comments .. I'm soo looking forward to doing more - this weekend!

    .. I've got more pics of our first two attempts and wanted to tell you what I did and see if you guys have some suggestions ...

    Last weekend we did the pork tenderloin - little rubbery, great flavor. I kept the temp ~225-250, it did fall a little when my fire went down (already read Jeffs note on fire building and maintainence - so now, I'm a little better prepared ..[​IMG]

    I'd LOVE to hear ya'lls tips on building / maintenance of your fire + wood - I'm assuming you've all got a ritual you follow ....[​IMG]

    (maybe this is a thread all on its own) - then I start reading the 'allnight stories' and am wondering exactly what I've wandered into ...

    so anyway ... the tenderloin .. I had read temps from 165 up to 180 or so ... did it about 4+ hours ~225 most of the time ... didn't touch it, just let it smoke above the water pan .. should I have turned and basted (didn't do that either..eek!) ... maybe cooked in a pan (more on this next adventure)

    Comments + Suggestions Welcomed .... what was left over from our meal got devoured at the football game, so couldnt have been too awful .. [​IMG]


    Check the Fresh Jalapeno from the garden to the right ... I've got tons of tomatoes and jalapenos coming up soon .. ideas while I smoke meat goodies for the veggies? foil packs, maybe? - or straight up smoke? - that one was tasty and HOT!

    Second Try was a Beer Butt Chicken (I found the Recipe threads on this one AFTER we did it, but hey - ya live and learn) - I bought a Roasting Chicken (is that right?) - seemed to be what I was after - I neglected to cut the entire top off the can, removing just the tab, leaving the regualr opening, but filled it with tasty St. Arnolds microbrew from my favorite brewery in houston! ... we stuffed 2 jalapenos inside and half an onion in the neck ..

    Again .. 4hours ~225-250, pulled it off at ~165 .. I later learned we should have done it hotter (~325, maybe?) and for a shorter time .. I'm not sure if I had the meat thermometer in the right place, but it seemed to be a thick piece of meat (suggestions?)



    The red dot was explained on the package as a 'popout thermometer', but since I knew I wouldn't get close to the recommended 400 they suggest to Oven Roast at, it never 'popped'


    The chicken breasts and 'top' (for lack of a better term) seemed to be great .. thick juicy white meat .. the back portions, legs, etc, were undercooked, even still kinda pink once I started to pick it apart.

    So ... the next afternoon, i picked the carcass of all the remaining meat, added some onions and jalapenos and went and fired the smoker back up for another 60-90 mins of smoker wood chips to help it along ..

    I'm loving me smoked chicken tacos the last 2 nights .... ;) - and I think I now have a permanent smoking pan, as *everything* in that dishwasher load now smells like last weekends smoking session... not that theres anything wrong with that .... but I guess you probably have smoking items, and non smoking items. So the smoker now has a pan .... hehehe - and it fits perfectly between the rails - had to, to clear the bird!

    NOW .... This weekend I have 2 items I want to do, but am now wondering what I should budget timewise to do this right ..

    About 5lbs each of a beef brisket and a rack of spareribs .. I've been reading the threads and comments in the recipes, and if you guys are starting on thursday for sunday's brisket I need to start juggling my schedule ..

    Would love any comments or tips on smaller rib / brisket cuts and rituals ...


    ..and finally have to share a wound from the original refurb project last weekend and have to wonder if this doesn't admit me to some club .. stupid rookie .. [​IMG]

    short story .. grill above the firebox fire fit great (front to back) .. but was a little too big (too wide) to be easily removed from said firebox (esp when warm!)

    So when I needed to stoke the fire, I used a set of tongs to pick up the diamondplate grill and went to drop in some wood chunks and the grill twisted right off the tongs onto the back of my hand ... hadn't moved that quick in a while ... woooo!

    Told the girl at work it was my new 'gang' branding .... so I guess y'all are my peeps now ...

    Smoke ON!


    dave. in TX
  4. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    p.s. i lived in south hulen/crowley... they didn't have that pit then... go froggies....
  5. The TCU Football Letterman own (I think!) and man that during each home game to raise money for the TCU letterman's association. I'm a Baylor Letterman and have thought about suggesting this to our guys .. good day at the game, good folks and raising money for the association .. Usually a great mix of ribs, sausage, brisket, potato salad and other assorted goodies .. $10 plate for all -you- can- eat .. I'm probably at an advantage as our 'parking spot' for football tailgating is only 2 spaces up the aisle from this mother, so my camping chair is in full use maybe by halftime .. ;) I'll have to bring you guys the Q-View next home game ... ;) yum! dave.
  6. squeezy

    squeezy Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    The tenderloin would have been fine at 160º and might I suggest spritzing with a little apple juice and wrapping it in bacon next time.

    Beer butt chicken works best at about 325º to 350º for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on size.

    You don't need to remove the top of the can unless you want to ... I just use a can piercer around the top.

    Internal temp should be near 180º at the thigh.

    An offset smoker may be difficult to maintain that high a temp.

    For ribs, just use the 3-2-1 method.

    Brisket, roughly 1 1/2 hrs per lb. ... more important is finish temp, usually 190º to 200º

    Hope I was some help! Stay with it, you'll get it! [​IMG]
  7. gypsyseagod

    gypsyseagod Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    ok now i'm hungry........the fatty is gone, 1 rib left, italian sammie meat & quickfast i see chix soup but i need bulk.. it's all yer faults.......
  8. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    nice q-view dave....

    you dindt say how big the pork was...............next time, try brining it........really helps with the moisture...........mine this last sunday was great.......used hickory and cherry........the cherry really helped with the sweetness..........i have a thread on it somewhere, with q-view.......i also have a brine recipe in a thread that blawkhawk started on bringing pork tenderloin........mite want to check that thread out also

    doing BIB Yardbird tonite...........and a boston butt, that i am doing sat.

    will be posting q-views on those.......

    great looking meal

  9. Welcome to the forum and it looks like you are doing awesome
  10. ur3rdimcfly

    ur3rdimcfly Newbie

    Hey everyone, I know I'm resurrecting a long-dead thread here, but I need some information.



    Is this a "1" before and after the Y...or is that possibly some [brackets]?

    124 or 24...still quite excited that I got this.

    It's a New Braunfels Chuckwagon...they don't make them anymore, and I've been googling for about 2 hours, figured I'd ask you guys and see what comes back!
  11. austonian

    austonian Newbie

    I have a NB Chuckwagon Cooker indentical to yours.  Was given to me as a present new some 20 years ago????    A internet search appears to confirm the company is out of business.  My smoker has Y2160 under the lid so I believe it to be a manufacturer's serial number.   You are correct in saying the grill is heavy!  With a little care, the grill should last forever.  BTW, I am in Austin.
  12. double rr

    double rr Fire Starter

    just ran across this old thread on a internet search I have the same cooker The CO. was chuckwagon cookers in ft. worth out of business now they sold pits at the state fair in dallas for a few years they had a few varations some had a vertical chamber they were really affordable and built well Ihave owned many cookers over the years and build pits also theres is the best cooking pit I have had . I am cloning my pit to a 24 in version hopefully it will cook as well .
  13. Manuel, I live in South Austin. I bought my NB smoker back in 1997 while living in Lakeway. I have completely revamped it. I visited Aaron Franklin and saw his personal pit and modified mine according what his looked like. I have photos. Contact me and I'll share.