Two 6lb. Pork butts for Mother's Day

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  1. I picked these two butts up this afternoon on my way home from work. I work at a tuxedo rental shop so we are super busy with prom tuxes this time of year. Needless to say I put in 55 hours so far(in for another 5 tomorrow) and I didn't have time to do my usual pre rub and set in the fridge over night. Instead I did the same trick I tried last time and mixed some cider vinegar with my dry rub and injected them.

    Hope you enjoy the view and more will follow!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there!








    Pickle roll-up's MMMMMMMMMMMMMM


    My lil' guy and his B-Day present.....E300 electric scooter that I took for a little test drive last night!


    My beautiful wife and Mother to our three awesome kids! Happy Mother's Day baby!


    OK here is how this went down......The butts went on at 6 o clock pm saturday night. I had planned on just staying up till they were done and sleeping in this morning. That didn't happen. My neighbor had his 50th B-Day party last night so my wife and I went over there for awhile while the butts were smoking. Several beers and a few jello shots later and it was midnight and I was kinda sleepy. I told my wife we should take a lil nap and I would get up at 3 am to check the smoker. I set 2 alarms for 3 am and 3:15 and slept through them both. Woke up at 6 and was freakin' out about my butts. The positive thing was I had moved all my hot coals towards the air intake and added a bunch of lump to kick in the minion method for a long burn. When I went out to check the butts they were almost to 199 and I had a half load of charcoal still burning(thank GOD). So at that point I just wanted to go back to sleep so I pulled the butts, panned them, covered with foil and threw them in the over to finish them off. After my extended nap.....AKA full nights sleep the butts were done and I had to go to work on Mother's Day/my son's 9th B-Day. While I was at work all our friends and family enjoyed my pulled pork. My wife said everyone loved it! The money shot of my plate is of what was left over when I got home at 4:30 this afternoon. All in all I had fun smoking them and enjoyed the reheated left overs! Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday!
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  2. At 4 hrs.....and the last 2 ABT's that haven't been ate yet. My neighbor turned 50 today so the other's were enjoyed at his party tonight! He has been complaining that I haven't invited him for dinner! He may be joining us for the Mother's Day/Birthday party here tomorrow. My son turns 9! He is such an awesome kid!


    My son and middle daughter.

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    Looks great!
  5. I just probed them both and the one up front is at 145 and the one in back is at 150.
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    Looks good so far Jake!
  7. Final qview added!
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    Good job on the successfull smoke. Great looking family as well. Congrats  
  9. Looks great man I could go for a sammie!
  10. Thank you scarbelly!
  11. Those two sammies were great stevo!
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  13. where can i see it?
  14. see what?

  15. nevermind..comp mustve glitched out when scrolling...awesome looking pork.[​IMG]

    Matt in Moose Jaw.  [​IMG]
  16. The qview is all at the top my friend.......[​IMG]
  17. ahhhhhhhh.....I see. Thanks for the peek! Have a good one!
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    Awesome smoke
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    Yep,Jake. The drinking thing tends to make you forget what you are doing[​IMG]  For yours it would have taken about 9hrs. to melt all the Fat and collegen.

    Everything looked good though. Butts are easy to cook as they are very forgiving[​IMG]I do mine at 200*to225*f ,for 1.5hrs/lb.,before even opening the lid and releasing the heat and moisture. I use only bone-in Butts,a good therm. for Butts. This is how mine look:


      Patience is the secret,do not peek,when you do you lose everything,so keep your trap shut and feed through the bottom or the firebox. Get a couple of good probes and watch that you keep it at 200*to225*f and DO NOT OPEN THE LID[​IMG]

      Hope this helps and...

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