Turkey help!

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Nov 24, 2016
Hi, I am smoking my first turkey today and got it in the smoker at 6am. Went to check on it at 8 to add more wood and saw that the smoker was off. The outlet popped or something. The meat is at 71 degrees but raw. I switched plugs and turned in back on. Is it safe to still cook or not?
The chamber temp was about 75. Did not inject the bird.
IMO, I would continue the cook ! That being said, I'm not a safety expert but will p.m. the Mod here that is.
These guys have you covered...If the IT was in the 70's the smoker was only off a short time and the surface and cavity saw plenty of heat to kill bacteria. Now the only issue is if it was enhanced/injected by the producer? If no as in all natural, no problem at all...If yes still no issue as meat can safely be at room temp for 2-3 hours with no issue and you found it 2 hours in. So fire that unit up and enjoy your Thanksgiving...JJ
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