TuffShed smokehouse?

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Sep 13, 2013
I've read so many posts in this forum, and there seems to be an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience available, so please indulge me in asking a few questions.  I have a commercial, CookShack 150.  I do all my hot smoking in that, and it's a great workhorse for me.  Now I want to branch out away from hot smoking and do some fermented sausages, country hams etc.  I've got a fridge that I'm turning into my curing/fermenting chamber, but many of the meats I want to make call for cold smoking at around 90 degrees.  I want to build a smoke house, and install my CookShack inside to provide the smoke.  I will also build a firebox.

Currently, all my sausage/bacon/smoked pork work happens in my kitchen which is VERY small.  My dear wife, as patient as she is with me, is getting frazzled by all the stuff that has to be pulled out and spread all over the counters when I get busy processing a case of belly or shoulder, so she's agreed to let me have a portion of the back yard and build a smokehouse.  I was thinking of having a Tuff Shed built, and installing my CookShack inside. 

Have any of you used a Tuff Shed, or installed a CookShack inside a building?  Can you give me any tips or advice from what you've learned?  My concern is building something too large and then not being able to provide enough smoke and at the right temperature for all the various things that I want to do.  I was considering a size between 8X8 and 8X12.  Any suggestions?
Build the Tuff Shed and partition off part of it for the smoker.... For cold smoking, all you need is a smoke generator... Cold smoking can be done from 40 ish to 90 ish.... depending on what you are smoking.... I would build it as big as you could get away with..... TV.... recliner.... beer/meat refer... electric heater for winter...

Dave, you're my kind of guy! Maybe I should have asked what size screen first.
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