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May 14, 2016
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I made 5 pounds of sticks a week ago or so using TSM Jalapeno Herb sausage mix. While the sausage flavor was good, it lacked jalapeno flavor and was not very hot/spicy. I seem to recall someone saying to increase TSM recipe rates by about 25%...is this true? Or should I just add diced jalapeno to get the desired flavor profile.

FWIW - the ease of TSM mixes is very nice compared to measuring 12 +/- spices.

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I use a lot of mixes from TSM . You have to get them mixed up good in the jar before you start measuring it out . Especially if it has sat for awhile . A lot of the mixes have whole dried spices in them . As they sit the heavy stuff like salt falls to the bottom . The dried spice ends up on top .
That being said , depending on the mix I do add a little more . You have to be careful that your not adding to much salt . Most times I'll just add from bulk spice to make up for lack of flavor .
Most of the ones I use are good right from the jar with a good mixing .
Purchase individual dried spices and herbs to add... Make sure they are NO SALT added...

I use a lot of TSM seasoning mixes & do add about 25% more than they call for. I think they are afraid of turning some people off that don’t like strong flavor, or their taster doesn’t like heat. The recipes are great, but they are made for people that like more boring recipes. We like to kick it up a bit.
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