Trying the Curley's bacon

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Nov 27, 2013
Heartland of America
With so many positive reviews on this forum, I just had to order a couple of 10# kits. I had my pork butt ground, mixed with the venison and other ingredients, and packed into the pans in under two hours. Pretty easy compared to stuffing sausage casings!

I didn't have a mixing pan big enough, so I improvised. Since it is the Christmas season, I found an empty plastic storage container in the basement and cleaned it out. The wife's out of town, so I didn't have to ask permission and be turned down. And now next year's decorations will have the wonderful smell of bacon!

Tomorrow I will smoke the three "loaves", and will add my own review. I hope this lives up to the praises that so many members have written.
Cant wait to see how it turns out
I used a combination of hickory (at the beginning) and sweet woods (apple, cherry, pear, maple). It took about four hours to smoke.

I had to sample right away, and since we were all sitting down to supper I shared it with the family. Preliminary reviews from them is that it is good, but it isn't as good as bacon. We are pretty particular about bacon here. Turkey bacon has never entered this house.

I am anxious to see if it improves with age. I will reserve judgement until I can pair it with eggs.

Redheeler was right: This stuff is REALLY good! I sliced it today, and the slices were much better than the outside pieces I carved off yesterday. And frying it up really releases the flavor. Now, this will never replace real bacon in our house, but there are eggs in the refrigerator fighting over who gets to be paired with this first.

This ended up making 14 dozen 8- or 9-inch slices, not counting the pieces that never stood a chance of seeing the freezer.

Frying makes a difference in the flavor.

The dog has decided she wants a smoker for Christmas!
Something I learned about smoking, never make taste decisions until whatever you smoked has at least 1 to 10 days. I have made stuff I should have thrown out, and 7 days later needed to make more. Something about the resting, sitting, relaxing, makes what you smoke really smooth or mellow out.

It will definitely surprise you and you wonder.... Hmmmmm, where'd this come from, its not the same stuff I made! LOL
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