Trying Out New Paint Job on My RF with Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gary s, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Repainted and refinished my RF last week, so we need to test out the new paint job

    Washed and brined a whole chicken last night. Picked up some Pecan from #2 son's this morning started getting everything ready.

    Started Smoker about 10:15 am

    Started beans and prepping ribs at 10:30 am

    Ribs and beans both on the smoker at 11:00 am

    Onions cut and ready

    Bacon rendering down

    Getting smoker fired up

    Added onions to the bacon, just till tender and translucent 

    Added Pork & Beans

    Now the spices

    Fire is ready

  2. O-K Smoker is up to temp, so lets get the ribs ready Plus a quick shot of whats going on the smoker

    Baby Backs, St.Louis, Hot links and Chicken

    Baby Back & St. Louis Ribs

    Here is the membrain and what I trimmed off the ribs

    A shot of how thick the Baby Backs are

    First a little and pepper

    Then a little Yellow Mustard

    A little rub down

    Then my Rub

    Here is what I am spritzing with today

    Robs and beans on the smoker at 11;00 am

  3. Looking good so far!!!  [​IMG]
  4. knifebld

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    Great QView Gary...wonder what kind of impact the paint job will have on your smoke! LOL
  5. Gotta make it better, kinda like buying a new car are having new tires and the oil changed, just seems better. Bear told me it was to pretty to smoke on !! 

    Gary S
  6. O-K Chicken and Hot Links on @ 12:15 pm  Thin  blue smoke and holding steady at 225º

    Chicken in Brine Solution ----  1 cup (loose) brown sugar 1/4 cup salt and about 1/8 cup of Tony's mix well with enough water to cover chicken.

    Chicken Rensed

    A little EVOO salt and pepper and my rub

    Chicken and Hot Links ready for the smoker

    Everything is on, time to coast a little

  7. I started out with a little charcoal and about and about 3/4 of a chimney to get started no more charcoal all pecan today, just added another split. Be wrapping ribs about 2:00 pm

  8. tropics

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    Gary That looks great making me hungry

  9. Thanks Richie, making me hungry too

  10. Wrapping time, pulled the Ribs to wrap, Checked the Beans for smoke flavor (Boss said they were just right) took up the beans went ahead and wrapped chicken

    Ribs Ready to Wrap

    Had to put a little good stuff on them, squeeze margarine honey, Tony's and a little apple cider 

    All that goodness melting in

    Chicken ready to wrap

    Wife (Boss) said beans were just right on the smoke, so off they came

    More Later 

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  11. knifebld

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    What a feast Gary! Those beans look incredible!

    What do you mean by wrapping the chicken?
  12. Gary, I can't help but have a smile on my face everytime I see one of your smokes. Everything looks great. I guess that's what 40 of experience looks like!!! :77:
  13. I wrapped it in foil just for a bit and put back on the smoker  ( really holds in the juices), I'll unwrap it and finish it on the smoker. Beans were on the smoker for about 4 hours, wife said the smoke was just right so I pulled them. Using seasoned pecan all day actually not much a little charcoal to get things started then a large split and 2 more splits been holding all day at 225

  14. grillmonkey

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    I wasn't hungry until I saw this thread. We should have some kind of warning for posts like this: WARNING! Q-VIEW HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE HUNGER PANGS. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  15. knifebld

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    Cool, and at what IT do you wrap it? Do you add anything in the foil?
  16. Something I found with poultry it absorbs a lot of smoke. I (we like a mild smoke flavor) even though my pecan is well seasoned and have had TBS all day I still don't want to over smoke. another reason for wrapping the bird . I'll go put another split on and in a little bit when I am just getting heat out of the stack (no smoke at all) I'll unwrap and finish up.

    Gary S 
  17. tropics

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    I would think he means wrap his teeth around it.[​IMG] OMG that looks good.

  18. I did, I added the same as I did the ribs, Squeeze margarine , honey, Tony's and apple cider.

    Sorry I didn't check the temp. I really need to do that for my post, Like ribs, brisket, and all the other stuff, I have smoked so much I usually go by looks and feel. Now I always check the temps on poultry and butts toward the end just to be safe and make sure the shoulders are pull-able When I un- wrap I'll check the temp.

    Gary S 

  19. Nice!!! Like it!!!
  20. 3:50 PM un-foiled the ribs and chicken back on the smoker, took up the Links  Ribs pulling back from the bone bend test almost ready. Chicken's temp was 172 º  pot it back on the smoker for just a bit too Only heat coming from the stack. 

    Finishing up on the smoker   ------  Won't be long now !!!


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