Trouble keeping my AMPS lit in my 40 inch MES!

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  1. Hello,

     I am a newbie to this whole Electric smoker thing but I have to say I really enjoy my 40 Elite MES that my family got me for christmas..I have smoked Briskets, Ribs, Pork Butt, and lots of chicken to great success as far as the actual smoking goes..I recently bought the 3 tray AMPS and some wood pellets hoping to "Set It and Forget It" for smoking overnight..Unfortunately the last couple adventures with the AMPS have been a failure..after following the instructions on the AMPS box I place the tray in my smoker and let it rip! Each time approximately 20 minutes into the smoke the pellets die out causing me to have to continue to use the side wood chip loader..Any suggestions as to how you guys use your AMPS in the MES would greatly be appreciated..



    North Richland Hills, Texas
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    That model has airflow difficulties. The easiest fix is the Mailbox Mod. Guys have had success with the AMNTS Tube inside as the larger holes breathe better. Sorry to not have better news...JJ
  3. Thx for the help...I will be trying the mailbox mod this weekend. .
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    Do a search for this, too, on SMF.  There's a lot of info available.

    Some basic recommendations:
    • microwave your pellets for a minute or so before you light them.
    • Keep your vent wide open
    • Pull the chip loader out a couple of inches
    • Make sure your AMNPS burns for 5 minutes before you put it in.
    • Don't use water in your pan...ever
    You can also call Todd with Amazen Products and he'll talk to you, too.  He's great and always willing to help!!!!

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