Trimming brisket

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I saw this elsewhere and thought it would be a neat reference for the new and a good reminder for the old hands as well. It shows a full packer cut brisket before and after trimming. You can spin it around, flip it over, and swap back and forth between trimmed and un-trimmed.

Virtual Brisket Trim
Looks like hours and hours of learning on my own,is surprisingly the same process by hand, using an "old school" well trained fillet knife . That knife's tip was able to separate the tip...A tip I didn't know existed till I was a stormin' norman learning... My full brisket was cut into 3 pcs on the flat section and the 4th pc. the tip..All went into a 9 day brine that I used from my jewish cookbook from the 60's..the process afterwards involves Their spices and herbs and more to do and finally smoked
I've been splitting m briskets like that for awhile now. Seems to make much better pastrami with alot less fat. You also don't have all the grains running in 10 directions!

at the end when slicing, be strict with yourself and go perfet penpendiular on every slice.. it doesn't take long to do this is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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